$5 Weddings at Rivertown Revival

When I was a little girl, I watched people get married all the time at the hippie festivals where I grew up. I watched people tie the knot (sometimes literally) while friends held up flower garlands, or I watched people exchange simple rings kneeling in the dirt by a lake. My mom would always tell me “That’s all you need to get married. Just friends and love.”

Straight line from there to APW? Probably.

This year, as APW has grown, we’ve been allowed to finally make projects happen that I’ve been dreaming of for years. The first among those is the Guerilla Weddings project (expect more to come on that front). Because of how I grew up, I’m obsessed with the idea of people getting married anywhere, no fuss, no bother. And it turns out that other people are interested in it to, because as soon as we started running the series we were flooded with emails and wedding pictures.

One of the coolest emails we’ve received came from the folks at Rivertown Revival, an arts based festival, which takes place on July 21st in Petaluma, CA. And what do they do there? $5 weddings. This year they are marrying 20 couples in front of their loved ones (and still have a few spots left, if one of you wants to jump in and do it. Do It!).

And that, my friends, is what we’re talking about. Happy Holiday week!

Note: This post was not sponsored by The Rivertown Revival. But the details of the party are this: The Rivertown Revival is a unique, arts-based, thematic festival, that sustainably highlights and celebrates the Petaluma River while raising funds for the The David Yearsley River Heritage Center. This community festival includes over one hundred musicians, an art boat flotilla, art boat drag races, aerial acts on the River, artesian merchants, engaging non-profit organizations, local food vendors, theatrical performances, amazing children and teen activities, a beautiful location for folks to be themselves, and of course… $5 weddings

Photos courtesy of Rivertown Weddings

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  • Awesome! Looks like a lovely place to get married. I was in the SCA for awhile, and I remember plenty of weddings at events. You just had to rent enough camping spaces to have space for your wedding, I think.

    Also, I’m totally not associated with them, but I know my town’s historical society does free weddings once a year. They have an old, preserved chapel on their grounds, and their grounds abut the Rice County Fair. Every year, during the fair, the historical society opens up all their buildings. In the chapel, they have volunteer organ/piano players and volunteer officiants who do weddings. Other times of the year, a wedding can happen for a donation to the historical society. I don’t think this is advertised (I only know because I saw a wedding there and asked about it), but it is a neat service. I’d encourage other folks to ask groups like that in their town for neat venues that aren’t advertised.

  • Class of 1980

    Cool idea.

    I went out with a friend on the Fourth of July and crawled around an antique store. We saw a beautiful wedding dress for $45 in perfect condition.

    Sleeveless lace top and full chiffon skirt (no train). Couldn’t believe it.

    Too bad there isn’t an APW free wedding dress repository, because I’d buy it and ship it there. Anyone need a dress?

    • Anon

      Um, yeah! That sounds like my dream dress. My wedding is in two months and I’m still looking for one… too bad we don’t have many antique stores like that around here :)

  • suzanna

    Reason #4,528 to love Petaluma!