An Evening Wedding In Buenos Aires

The party went until 6AM, Argentinian style

Magdalena, Master of Science in Global Affairs Student & Mariano, Investment Banker

One Sentence Sum-Up of The Wedding Vibe: A night with one beautiful ceremony, followed by a crazy, non-stop party

Soundtrack for reading: “Thank You” by Led Zeppelin

Other Cool Stuff We Should Know About

Mariano and I met almost six years ago in Buenos Aires, Argentina (our home country). In 2011, we moved to New York City to start our graduate degrees and pursue our dreams. Living abroad and away from our families is tough, but we are glad to have each other in this adventure. On March of 2012, Mariano wanted me to take him to my favorite spot in Central Park. I was excited to spend the afternoon in my favorite place on earth, and I could not stop talking and taking pictures. I did not suspect that he would propose to me that day in a very romantic and intimate way—just what I wanted.

Fast-forward to November 2013, we had an amazing celebration in Buenos Aires with all of our friends and family. The night was beautiful and the party kept going until 6AM, Argentinian style. We had a photo booth all night, and we did not sit down for even a minute, we just danced the night away. After a very difficult year for both our families this wedding was not only for us, it was for everybody to share and to have something to look forward to. I got to marry the love of my life, but also we gave our families a reason to celebrate.

One of my best friends did my makeup (she is a professional makeup artist), and she traveled from NYC specially for the wedding. Also I wanted to point out that weddings in Argentina have a very different timeline than in the US. The ceremony started at 8:30 in the evening, then everybody went to the venue, in a beautiful horse racing track, and the party finished around 6:00 or 6:30 in the morning. Another funny thing, you can see all of us in the pictures wearing hats and funny glasses and props. That is a very typical thing too, we call it cotillón and it starts at around 4AM.

Favorite Thing About The Wedding

The great energy all of our friends and family brought. We felt as loved as ever and we could tell that everybody was having a great time.


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