We Found the Card Game That Will Make Your Bachelorette Party Fun

Because nothing brings a wedding party together like laughing over naughty jokes


Oh, wedding games. You old fossil, you. Here in the twenty-first century we’ve got artist-quality wedding photographers, documentary-quality videographers, and DJs that aren’t embarrassing, but we’re somehow still playing housewares bingo and activities that involve toilet paper.

Luckily for all of us, when Cads About Matrimony founder Ailea Sneller realized this, she actually went out and did something about it. Disappointed with what she found when planning a close friend’s bachelorette, game-lover Ailea created her own Cards Against Humanity-inspired (don’t worry, it’s got their blessing), matrimony-themed, party game option:

When I went online to look for ideas and inspiration, all I found were options that anyone who has ever been within a hundred miles of a modern wedding has already been subjected to dozens of times. I couldn’t stand the idea of showing up to my friend’s bachelorette party with a bunch of tired, embarrassing clichés. She deserved better. We all did! So Cads About Matrimony was born.

It’s a wedding game for game lovers—designed intentionally to involve everyone in a largish crowd in a big party game. Unlike other wedding party activities, like making a toilet paper dress or “he said, she said” quizzes, it’s something that can engage everyone. There are elements of the game everyone can relate to. It makes everyone part of the humor—lets everyone in on the joke. And of course, if you are really into toilet paper dresses and bridal truth or dare, AWESOME! This game can complement any and all other stuff you want to incorporate into your activities.



If you’ve played Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples, then you already know exactly what you’re doing. And if not, it’s dead simple: One player reads a question card out loud. The other players each submit an answer card. The best answer wins.

The Cads About Matrimony twist is that all the question and answer cards are wedding, relationship, and sex themed, with varying degrees of raunchiness that are easily customized to your specific group.610_2116-sm


Available on Amazon (with Prime shipping!), there are three Cads About Matrimony options, all of which are professionally printed on laser-cut, casino-quality card decks:

(On a budget or a deadline that even Amazon Prime can’t help? Cads About Matrimony also offers a free DIY downloadable PDF here, and in the spirit of the genre, all the content is freely available under a Creative Commons license.)


Why You’ll Love It:

Cads About Matrimony aims to celebrate everything awesome and amazing about love and marriage, while at the same time satirizing all the weird cultural baggage around relationships and the bizarreness of the wedding-industrial complex. Wedding planning can be a stressful, intense time, and CAM offers a wee bit of catharsis through laughter.

It also brings the magic of games to situations that are often a melting pot of friends from all walks and stages of life. There’s something special about those weddings where you get to know the other guests and get a warm, fuzzy, community vibe on as you send your loved one off into their new marriage. But pre-wedding festivities are often awkward at best, and don’t usually help in that endeavor. The brilliance of games is that the right one can help dissolve that awkwardness and turn strangers into friends. And that’s not just metaphorical. Ailea told us about a study that showed how playing a game together “moved people from the ‘stranger zone’ to the ‘friend zone’” in mere minutes. Literally, physiologically, instant friends.

And as Ailea says:

To me, the best thing about the game isn’t the built-in jokes on the cards—it’s the conversations they inspire and what you learn about people and their sense of humor by playing. There is something about the unique mix of interactivity, problem-solving, and play that makes games so fun, and literally brings people together when they play them. A game like Cads About Matrimony that incorporates taboo humor to ease the tension around an inherently stressful life moment is like this magical formula for helping people become instant friends and immediately start having fun together. My favorite moments in the game are not just when a hilarious card combo gets played, but when a hilarious card combo also inspires a sprawling conversation about sex toys, glitter, and in-laws that takes you to places you might not have otherwise gone. Like all great games, Cads About Matrimony is about turning strangers into friends, and friends into better friends. It’s designed to celebrate the things you learn and love about each other—weird, wild, and offensive as they may be!


But really, why listen to us when Amazon reviewer Darla Dee has already summed up the brilliance of Cads About Matrimony perfectly:

There is nothing I hate more than boring, cutesy wedding shower games. Who needs pink word searches when you can throw down cards like “Ride a unicorn down the aisle?” THIS is where it’s muthaflippin AT! For any person in the wedding party looking for something fun to do during the shower or the pre-wedding party, this game will be a huge hit! Bring it like a BOSS.


They say necessity is the mother of invention, and if ever there was an arena that necessitated some invention, it’s wedding games, so thank you, Cads About Matrimony, for getting on that. Go grab a set today for your next bachelorette, saucy bridal shower, or girls’ night!

Blank decks of Cads About Matrimony CARDS are just for a limited time. Perfect for customizing for your favorite bride- or groom-to-be, or using as wedding décor or favors, they are available on Amazon HERE.

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