Call For Vintage Weddings

Hi Everyone! It’s Assistant Editor Lauren here! And I have a request.

Remember in the survey when it asked about Vintage Weddings? Well, while we were in the stages of developing that survey I was all “What the WHAT?!” about vintage weddings and Meg told me to go look! Because we used to do these! And so I did, and as someone nearing the end (thank god) of planning my own wedding, these stories and photos get me, oh they get me good.

And apparently, from the survey, they get you guys too, so we need your help. Do you want to share your parents’ story? You can either write it up as it has been told to you, OR you can have a parent write it up. We will also need some vintage-y photos to go with it. (5-10 depending on the length of the post, and I’ll request more if needed. We know people took fewer wedding photos back in the day… of film.)

Here is the catch: You have to, must, with no exceptions, ASK your parents (or grandparents… squee!) if this is alright. In other words you need to obtain their permission to be ON THE INTERNET. I know my mom would simply keel over and die if I ever put her on the internet. And if I plastered her (adorable, bright red, permed haired) wedding photos on the internet she would haunt me forever. I’m sure you’re mom isn’t like that (Meg’s parents stayed up past their bedtime because they were so excited to write their post) but you better ask her just in case.

If you would please send these submissions to lauren [at] apracticalwedding [dot] com with the subject line reading “Vintage Wedding” that would be much appreciated.

Thanks! And I look forward to my inbox filling up! YAY!

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