Call For Vintage Weddings

Hi Everyone! It’s Assistant Editor Lauren here! And I have a request.

Remember in the survey when it asked about Vintage Weddings? Well, while we were in the stages of developing that survey I was all “What the WHAT?!” about vintage weddings and Meg told me to go look! Because we used to do these! And so I did, and as someone nearing the end (thank god) of planning my own wedding, these stories and photos get me, oh they get me good.

Meg’s parents. Aww!

And apparently, from the survey, they get you guys too, so we need your help. Do you want to share your parents’ story? You can either write it up as it has been told to you, OR you can have a parent write it up. We will also need some vintage-y photos to go with it. (5-10 depending on the length of the post, and I’ll request more if needed. We know people took fewer wedding photos back in the day… of film.)

Here is the catch: You have to, must, with no exceptions, ASK your parents (or grandparents… squee!) if this is alright. In other words you need to obtain their permission to be ON THE INTERNET. I know my mom would simply keel over and die if I ever put her on the internet. And if I plastered her (adorable, bright red, permed haired) wedding photos on the internet she would haunt me forever. I’m sure you’re mom isn’t like that (Meg’s parents stayed up past their bedtime because they were so excited to write their post) but you better ask her just in case.

If you would please send these submissions to lauren [at] apracticalwedding [dot] com with the subject line reading “Vintage Wedding” that would be much appreciated.

Thanks! And I look forward to my inbox filling up! YAY!

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  • Oh I am TOTALLY bugging my mom and dad to write about their elopement. You would DIE over my dad’s amazing hair and mustache!

  • What a great idea! I love hearing about weddings of previous generations; they can include some of the most fun and scandalous details.

  • Oh, man. I’d totally ask my mother, but then she might, you know, find this site. And while she’s being really (!!) great right now, finding that post I wrote about her might be bad.

    It’s too bad, because there are some cute stories. She had no interest in planning a wedding, so told her mother that she wanted it catered by McDonalds because my parents had happy memories there – like thier first date, and they got engaged in a McDonald’s parking lot. This made my grandmother take over the wedding planning, which made everyone happy.

  • I really hope I can join this project with my parents wedding…right, must call my ma and see what they think. SO excited about this Lauren! x

  • Oh man, this is exactly the kind of motivation I need to finally sit down and ask certain grandparents about their wedding/marriage secrets!

  • Rachel I am doing this!

  • I really want to ask my parents to do this. They have such a sweet story (what parents don’t? but really) that includes my father chasing her back to her home country of Japan and asking her to marry him for eight years straight. Maybe I can convince them…. And then got married in NYC and had a half-deli, half-sushi reception in an apartment.

    P.S. I love this feature.

    • ANDREA

      I want to have a half-deli, half-sushi reception in an apartment Every Day.
      not on topic, but just sayin. YUM.

  • I know you said “no exceptions,” but could those of us with dead parents share their story without, you know, Ouija-ing permission from them?

    • meg

      So here is the scoop on that. If your parents are not around to give permission you need to A) Think it’s something they would have been ok with and B) Get permission from any and all living family who might care. Siblings, Aunts, Uncles, the like. I know it’s a pain, but we really need to be sure it’s ok with everyone.

  • Carreg

    I just had a look at the vintage weddings that went up last year. Wow. People were definitely fuzzier around the edges in those days.

    I can’t see my parents or grandparents being happy with the whole internet seeing their wedding photos and reminiscences, but I think this is a really good idea. I loved looking at my grandma’s wedding photos.

  • Oh Robin, you crack me up. I would love to see your parents’ wedding.

    My grandma had the most gorgeous dress I have ever seen. I think secretly I am searching for the same dress and that’s why I’m failing so far. I will ask her if she wants to be online :)

  • msditz

    My dad just agreed to write his wedding graduate post, 30-something years later! Male perspective + vintage wedding + MY DAD…this is going to be awesome!
    Expect to see it in your inbox this weekend Lauren :-)

  • Carrie

    E-mailing my mom now to ask if she would be interested in writing about her and my dad’s wedding. She’s a fabulous writer, who has been working a lot on memoir-writing of late. I know she would have both funny stories and really thoughtful, introspective things to say.

    I really hope she does. Because I want to read it :)

    Plus, my parents have a wedding album and I have a scanner. Win!

  • Oh man, I want to get permission for my grandparent’s wedding. I looooove the pictures because they really ran the society gamut: from Mennonites in their plain clothes to my grandfather’s very very flashy fraternity brothers. Talk about world’s colliding.

  • How about vintage living room elopements? I actually was talking about this with my MIL last night. I think she said she’d like to write y’all a post. We got a little distracted when I accidentally made her cry by telling her how much I look up and respect her relationship, and want one like theirs. But I’m pretty sure there was a yes in there.

  • lolo7835

    My grandparents aren’t big fans of the internet, or I would totally put their wedding up here. All of their flowers were fabric and made by the nuns at the local parish-and this was in 1939! No one from my parents/my generation knew until they talked about it at the family reunion this summer.

    I wonder if my great aunt would let me put up her wedding-she had a mint green wedding dress from 1952. It’s amazing!

  • Carolyn

    I love this idea! I was talking to my aunt about her wedding when I was getting married and mulling over flowers, dresses, venues, etc. She said when she got married, you got married at the country club, they had 2 options for flowers, and 2 options for meals. And that was about it.

    My parents are divorced, so I am not sure they would want to write about their wedding, but I think it would be a very interesting perspective! (Before they were even divorced, my mom would tell me how stressful their wedding day was…)

  • So there’s nothing I can do right now, but when I go home before my wedding – yes. I am envisioning some kind of wedding graduate post tie-in for you with my parents wedding and mine. It will be August before that happens, provided permission is granted from Dad! Awesome idea!

  • LOVE this idea. I’m totally sending you one. Just asked my parents to participate and was told this by my mom:

    “I am sure your dad and I would allow you to do that but there are some things about THE PROPOSAL that might not be for the public….teeheehee!!”

    Can’t wait to get the details on this indecent (?!) proposal!

    • meg

      Hahahahaha. Yeah. They might not want to give you those details.

  • ka

    I am SOO excited about these coming back.

    Can this be book #3?

    Just sayin’.

    • meg

      Wait, what’s book #2? You’re so ahead of me.

  • ka

    Haha, I guess I just assumed that the logical follow up to a wedding book was a marriage book. (Though a Vintage Wedding collection is really an anytime book…)

  • DOING it.

  • Denzi

    Mission: email Mom? ACCOMPLISHED.

    (Now for mission: actually achieve vintage wedding grad post.)