Can We Cancel Our Rescheduled Wedding Celebration?

Q: Hi APW,

Our original wedding date was in July 2020 and we had to instantly scrap all the plans for our Big Wedding. After much back and forth, we agreed that eloping on our original date and throwing a wedding celebration down the line was what would work best for us.

Almost a year has past and looking back, we’re realizing just how naive our thinking was. We believed things would be more under control than they currently are. And currently speaking, the prospect of hosting 50 people doesn’t sound appealing to either of us right now. Truth be told, we’re SO happy being officially married that we don’t feel the need or want for a big(ger) wedding 2.0 this summer.

While we’ve come to terms with the financial loss, we haven’t been able to wrap our heads around the heartache that we’ll cause both of our families if we do decide to go forward with canceling this celebration. They’ve been waiting for this wedding for years.

We’re expecting pushback but don’t really know how we should break the news to them or if it’s worth canceling at all. We know this is a celebration of our union but how do you manage your greater community’s loss? We’re feeling the pressure of being the Happy Thing that everyone is clinging to. Any thoughts on how to deal?

—Feeling the Pressure

folx in the throws of wedding planning are finding themselves as the Happy Thing that their nearest and dearest are looking forward to and that pressure can be… a lot. Is anyone else feeling it? How are you coping? If you’ve dealt with this (2020 couples, we’re looking at you) and have some words of wisdom, let’s chat in the comments! 

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