Francis & Joan’s Snowy Canadian Wedding

Plus the most amazing fur coat!

Francis, Chemist & Joan, Family Physician

Photographer: Photobox Photography 

Soundtrack for reading: “Warm Love” by Van Morrison

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: Two bird lovers get hitched on a chilly Canadian March day, made warm with love, laughter, and crazy dancing!!

Other cool stuff we should know about: The best parts of wedding planning were all the DIT craft projects—reception backdrop, feather boutonnières and hair pieces, bird place cards, invitations and programs, maple syrup favors, bird nest and cage centerpieces. Not only did we save money, but we had plenty of bonding time with friends, family, and each other in the busy months leading up to the wedding. Also premarital counseling and writing our vows together.

The hardest but most rewarding part of wedding planning was being forced out of my people-pleaser comfort zone and actually speaking my mind and standing up for our baby family’s wedding wishes. Several tears and sleepless hours were spent willing myself to push back against the unwanted advice/feedback/ultimatums, and certainly compromises were made, but I’m a stronger more assertive person now as a result.

Favorite thing about the wedding: Joan—Francis’ face when I walked down the aisle and when I read him our vows in my not-at-all-fluent French. Laughing until my face hurt during dinner (our kissing game was to tell a joke and people certainly complied). Crazy dance party with everyone I love—in which the months at the gym paid off as I boogied my heavy dress around the dance floor. Francis—That I got to marry Joan. The beautiful rustic venue and decor. Our excellent venue that took care of everything for us. The delicious food—even our guests with specific dietary restrictions raved about their dinners!

Best wedding advice: Have a mantra or five to keep yourself grounded. My own mantra of “Don’t miss this” helped combat my propensity to worry ahead, and all of APW’s words of wisdom helped with the rest (your wedding is not a show, your wedding is not an imposition, the people you love won’t stop being themselves for your wedding day so enjoy them for who they are).


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