Carrie & Ian’s Frozen Lake Wedding

Today’s wedding was sent in by the incredible Hannah of Stonehouse Photography, who I’m *thrilled* to say serves the Great Lakes region: Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the surrounding area (I’m working to get you non-coastal couples resources!) I’m so excited by today’s wedding, because I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s simple and affordable, yes, but it also speaks to a bride and groom with a spine of steel – the kind of people who are willing to buck tradition to have a wedding most of us could never have even dreamed up.
From Hannah: Carrie and Ian got married on a Tuesday in February on a frozen lake in Tettegouche State Park in Northern Minn, because he was on leave from being a pilot for two weeks. We had to hike 2 miles in to the cabins, but it was gorgeous. They had sandwiches and trail mix and instant coffee with about 20 of their closest friends. She wore a bridesmaid dress, and they all stayed in cute little cabins with woodstoves.
And, as if all this wasn’t cool enough, Carrie just graduated from vet school, and has moved to Hong Kong to live with Ian for a while, until she goes and volunteers in India for a month to spay and neuter dogs and cats. What? Yes. May their gutsy trailblazing wedding day be first day of a truly adventurous life together. Happy Trails, you two, happy trails.Now go check out the powerhouse behind these fantastic photos, Hannah of Stonehouse Photo, because anyone who would sent this wedding in as her favorite and tell you how much she adores this couple, well, that’s someone you want to know.

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  • stop making me cry!! haha

  • sam

    i’m almost a little jealous. this is the greatest wedding ever!

  • yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes YES!!!!!!

    in a world of froo froo dresses and obnoxious expectations, this wedding is a breath of fresh air.

    thank you for posting this!! weddings like this help me to steel MY backbone a little bit more… to hell with tradition!!

  • amazing!

    and not because it was completely different and out of this world (which it was), but because it reminded me that the most important thing to bear in mind when planning a wedding is that you stay true to yourselves. and that is something that i think every bride (and groom) could use a reminder of once in a while.

    thanks, meg!

  • This is so awesome and so Minnesotan. Now I wish we were doing this.

  • Utter fabulousness! I’ve had a secret winter wedding fantasy for a long time, and this is its perfect embodiment. So we weren’t gutsy enough to pull it off, but at least now I can live it vicariously through these pictures.

  • The bride has a muff!! Dear god, I loves me a winter muff. Fabulous. FABULOUS!

  • AND SHE GOT TO WEAR BOOTS! And she doesn’t even look cold! WHEE!

  • That’s a bridesmaid’s dress? It’s spectacular! This is really fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    YAY! Midwest weddings! This is so sweet and I love it so much.

  • so cool!!!
    I thought I hate winter,
    but this looks really like fun!
    Really changed my mind.
    My favorite picture is the one when he carries her… and you can see her boots…
    and they look so happy!

  • That’s just awesome. What gorgeous weather in such a chilly place, too.

  • April

    She gets 2 thumbs up from me for standing outside in freezing cold without a wrapper. WOW.

    And she is rockin' the UGG look with the wedding dress. AWESOME.

  • I can't believe she didn't wear a coat for the ceremony! Brave girl! It's funny seeing everyone else in parkas and boots :)

  • How cute are those snow boots with her dress! I love seeing weddings in the snow…but I dont think I could bring myself to have our wedding in the snow…we're Spring and Summer people! Great post!

  • great weather??? It was at best 25 degrees that day. Carrie is a tough gal.

  • Wow, she doesn't look too frozen !
    Great pics !

  • This is adorable, but how on earth is she not freezing?? Luckily, they'll have the opposite problem over here in Hong Kong. We're always happy to have new recruits!!

  • Anonymous

    Hannah from Stonehouse seems great – I corresponded with her earlier this summer and she was so nice – such a breath of fresh air – Midwestern photography that isn't 'stand and pose'!

  • If you would like an inexpensive wedding on the North Shore of Lake Superior or the Arrowhead of northern Minnesota, give me a call. I was the pastor who walked back into the Tettegouch camp to do Ian and Carrie's wedding.
    Pastor Paul

  • LauraJean