Aubrae & Joel

Aubrae, Chef/Entrepreneur & Joel, Medical Student * Photographer: Hart & Sol Photo * Soundtrack for reading: “La Valse d’Amelie” by Yann Tiersen from the Amelie soundtrack *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: Our wedding was exactly ours: free of extraneous frills, noise, and distractions—just us, celebrating our love with those we love, surrounded by nature and the city.

The Info—Photography: Hart & Sol Photo / Accordionist: Bob Goldberg /Wedding Dinner: Beacon Restaurant / Rehearsal Dinner: The Spotted Pig /Aubrae’s Dress: Blush by JLM (with some custom modifications) / Joel’s Suit: Jos. A. Bank in Olive/Navy Stripe / Favors: Reusable canteen-style water bottles filled with cold water / Flowers, Boutonnieres, Placecards: Handmade by Aubrae’s mom

Other cool stuff we should know about: A good friend designed our invites and the signs that we had people holding in the park and then she and I printed/painted them. We planned the whole wedding in very little time—once we’d decided on the location and parade, it all came together really quickly. We were thrilled with almost every detail about it. (We didn’t really love our officiant. But that’s what you get when you book someone sight unseen from the internet, I guess.)

Favorite thing about the wedding: We adored the well wishes and cheers we received from random passers-by in the park and the city. We had a crowd witnessing the ceremony from across the pond and had many snaps and kind words as we paraded. In many of our photos, several of the people pictured are just people in the park, who had nothing to do with our wedding, yet were sharing in our joy.

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  • I love the orange flowers :-) and that you walked from ceremony to reception, thats what i want to do!! Congrats xox

    • I commented on her flowers over at the Hart and Sol blog. Love them. LOVE.

  • mimi

    Love your dress, the lace is beautiful!

  • sobbing at this wedding! I’m getting married in Central park in October, and walking from the park to restaurant nearby, and these photos are making me even more excited about it. These are so stunning. Everyone is so relaxed and there is so much joy! GORGEOUS!!!!!!

    • sarah that’s awesome, congrats!

  • 1. Wow. Beautiful.
    2. WHAT ARE THOSE FLOWERS????? I simply must have them!

    • Aubrae

      Thanks, Emily (and everyone else!) for all your kind words – the flowers are just giant paper poppies – my mom made them from tissue paper. I didn’t want a real bouquet, b/c I feel bad cutting flowers for just a couple of hours use. I think she got the basic idea from a Martha Stewart blog, or something…

      • Michele

        Hi – I’m Aubrae’s Mom and I’m so glad you all liked the flowers. It was Aubrae’s idea to have paper flowers so I searched for a way to make flowers that were out of the ordinary. When Aubrae told me she wanted orange flowers I thought it was a strange color for a wedding but as you can see – she knew what she was doing. The instructions came from Martha Stewart’s website but was for small flowers. I used used baseball size balls to wrap the tissue around for this flower bouquet and made 5 individual flowers that were then wrapped together. I also used both bright orange and red tissue paper – made a nice contrast. I got the stamens from the floral department of a craft store (along with floral tape and green paper wrapped wire. Here’s a link to the website instructions:

  • Brittany

    I’m totally obsessed with Belvedere Castle! It’s my favorite place in Central Park!

  • kathleen

    This is so so beautiful and joy-filled, and may just have inspired me to include a parade to our reception!

  • aaaawww!! I love it! We had an accordionist that played La Valse D’Amelie as I walked down the aisle!! You looked gorgeous! and I love the massive flower! I could gush on longer but… just thanks for sharing your beautiful day!

  • I LOVE when nature and city are so clearly proven not to be enemies, but good friends.

  • Ashley/ Ailee

    Oh man. Since I live relatively close to Central Park (Ok, I’m technically closer to the Bronx but WHAT. EVER.), this hit so close to home. From the lace dress, to the incredibly drool-worthy, cherish-forever pictures….this steals the spot for my favorite Wordless Wedding ever.

  • Dana

    Gorgeous wedding! I LOVE when I stubble upon weddings in Central Park. It’s really a fabulous setting for an intimate ceremony. Love the parade too! And oh my gosh…that dress! Congratulations!


  • The Amelie soundtrack with this wedding is tres parfait!!

  • Mary

    Oh, Amelie. These photos actually look like they were inspired by the movie! (I also love this wedding for a totally selfish reason: I walked down the aisle to the orchestral version of “La Valse d’Amelie.” So this one took me back a bit. :D)

  • That looks like shot on a film or is that a digital effect?