Ceremonies: Honest & True

You guys. I’ve had a bad, bad, no good week. And I’m tired. And I want to see Where the Wild Things are and eat Dosas with my husband (hee!), and see my sassy hair stylist this weekend. Nothing that can’t be fixed by that right? That and a Scottish beer. So, I’m tired and slightly sad, so for now I’m just giving you a snippet of the magic to come. Thanks for all your amazing emails this week, and comments, and vibes. You guys have been rocking my world extra hard lately, right when I need it the most. -xo, M.

The wedding I’m featuring Monday is the wedding of Sarah, AKA, Ms Grrrl over at So You’re EnGAYged. I was poking around through posts she’d written over there, and found something that she tentatively attributed to me. Honestly, I have zero idea if I said it, though it sounds like something I *would* say. Anyway, I love what Sarah wrote so much, and I think it’s so true, that I wanted to share it with you as a sneak peak of what is to come:
“One of my favorite wedding bloggers (sadly, I can’t remember which one… but I bet it was Meg at apracticalwedding, she was my wedding planning guru through the whole process) said that a personal, moving ceremony sets the scene for the entire wedding. She seemed to think that it didn’t really matter what happened after the ceremony because if people felt like they had just played a part in something deeply moving and sacred, they would experience the wedding as a wonderful event, no matter what kind of table linens or music or favors there were at the reception. That bit of advice really stuck with me and looking back on our wedding I think it is absolutely true.

Read the rest of the post over here. And the rest of this wedding is coming soon, soon, soon!

Photo by Kelly Prizel

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