15 Change The Date Announcements

Social distancing sucks

Are you one of the many folx with a wedding planned for 2020? Maybe you had a spring wedding date and you’ve already had to change the date and postpone. Perhaps your wedding is planned for later this year, and you’re still figuring out what on earth you should do. Either way… we are so, so sorry.

(This is the stuff I had nightmares about before my wedding… well, that and Obama showing up without warning and me not having him in the seating plan… and now the less pleasant of these two nightmares is happening. And frankly, at this point you deserve Obama at your wedding, and I wish we could make that happen for you.)

But I will say, watching the wedding industry rise to the occasion has been a joy. Y’all know that I have a long and tortured relationship with much of the wedding industry, so watching them have a glow-up is really the best. One of the groups that has been quickest to step into the gap is designers. They’ve very quickly started getting CHANGE the date announcements out the door (at least we can tweak that acronym from STD to CTD). Shutterfly has even gone so far as to offer complimentary reprinting for any events whose original dates have been affected. And long time APW fav Minted has put together one of the smartest guides on the nightmare 2020 wedding season that we’ve seen so far.

change the date cards text overlaid on envelopes

How Should You Communicate your Changing Plans?

First up: it’s spring 2020. All shoulds are out the window. F*ck it. Do what works best for you.

But here are your options when it comes to communicating with your guests about event date changes. Texting or calling is great, but a bit tedious if you have a lengthy guest list. If you want something fast and simple you can send digital cards through services like Paperless Post and Greenvelope. Maybe you prefer something more formal? You can use services like Minted where you can customize their designs and they’ll print and mail out your announcements for you. Or you can download a design and email it out yourself.

But because you have more than enough on your plate OMG, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite change the date announcements from across the web in all sorts of styles and formats. The least we can do is save you that research time. Whether you’re looking for modern or whimsical, print or digital, we’ve got you covered. (Did we mention we’re sorry?)

Change the Date Announcements

white and black change the date card that says social distancing sucks in script

Change of Date Template by Oh Baby Templates DIY via Etsy 

I mean, enough said. (We miss warm hugs.)

photo of couple gazing at each other holding champagne bottles

Free Drinks Save the Date Card via Minted

Insert your #quarantini pic here.

change the date cards that are designed to look like library check out cards

Library Check Out Card Change of Plans Announcement (set of 20) by The Bird and The Beard via Etsy 

This seems like a super clever idea for someone to have come up with so fast, so hats off. If your wedding vibe leans towards lovingly nerdy, this is your (library) ticket.

modern and simple change the date card with a couple embracing

Meet Us In Miami Save the Date via Minted

Wander lusting real hard over the idea of Miami nuptials. (One day soon!)

blue watercolor card that says change of plans

Change of Plans Card by iCustom Invite via Etsy

This pretty watercolor design is available printed or for digital download, best of both worlds!

white and gold digital card with geometric design

Savoy Digital Postponement Card by Paperless Post

Don’t want to deal with printing and mailing? Send an e-card to update your guests!

doodle style card that says love is patient

Love Is Patient Change the Date by Dodidoodles via Etsy

Love is patient, isn’t it? Even though you might not be right now.

save the date that says let's try this one more time in black text

Bad Dancing Save the Date via Minted

Modern, funny, perfect.

change the date card with gold foil balloon style letters that spell out we do

Wedding Postponed Editable Template Card by Wedding Graphics UK via Etsy 

If you like a cute rhyme, this one is for you.

simple digital card with greenery that says another time

Chincoteague Digital Postponement Card by Paperless Post 

Who says you can’t get fresh greenery in your inbox? Digital inbox that is.

simple and sleek card that says postponed

Funky Names Save the Date via Minted 

This light and airy design gets straight to the point.

card that says we do redo

MARLO | Modern Change of Plans Invitation Template by Unmeasured Event via Etsy

Oh, we do redo. We like that!

sienna orange and cream colored modern text card

Modern Type Save the Date via Minted

Looking for all the color combos? Switch this design up with any two colors of choice.

an illustrated olive branch with the text A Change of Plans

Green Garland Change the Date Card via Paper Source

Extend an olive branch to your guests with this formal change the date announcement. This one feels perfect for a religious wedding.

simple graphic swap the date with picture of a kissing couple and their two dogs

Baseline Save the Date Card via Minted

Pick one of your favorite pics of you and your love and add it to this Minted design for a quick change the date announcement.

How are you communicating changes to your wedding with your guests? Are you only using a wedding website or are you emailing or mailing stuff too?

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