Cheap Wedding Bouquets with Grocery Store Flowers

Bride holding one of a few cheap wedding bouquets made with grocery store flowers

When your planning a wedding without a huge budget, getting a quote on wedding flowers can be enough to make you want to pass out. All you want is cheap wedding bouquets, and the bill is going to be HOW MUCH? Well, never fear. Making a wedding bouquet is dead easy, and you can do it with grocery store flowers. (We got these flowers at Trader Joe’s).

Here we’ve photographed the (super) simple steps to putting together your cheap wedding bouquets, and making them look damn cute too.
No seriously, it’s that easy. Part of me doesn’t even want to elaborate on this tutorial because my instructions would cause more confusion than just following the step-by-step photos above.

What I will talk about is shopping for your flowers. If you’re going to build your cheap wedding bouquets with grocery store flowers, you need to know a few things. First: local grocery stores, even more gourmet ones, don’t stock enough flowers to make all your centerpieces (for that you’d need a flower market or an online flower wholesaler for that). But, if you’re just buying flowers for bouquets, you’re going to do just fine.

Second, if you’re shopping at a grocery store, you’ve gotta roll with it. You can’t walk in with a pre-conceived idea of what you want, you just have to start grabbing flowers, jamming them together, and see what works. But most importantly, don’t be afraid to mix textures and colors and get some filler. You’ll use the filler for the outside of the bouquet to edge it and to make it cohesive. Also? You could go minimal, get all one kind of flower and be done.

And of course, you can totally use the same prune, build a base, wrap with floral tape, add flowers, keep wrapping, add more flowers, keep wrapping, finish with filler plan with flowers you bought anywhere. But, if you’re doing something super simple, the flowers at Trader Joe’s, a gourmet grocery store, or your neighborhood bodega are not only cheap, plentiful, and look awesome, but all those places also stock WINE.

You’re welcome.

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