Christi & Trevor’s Do-It-Together Wedding

Christi wrote me this week about her amazing super budget wedding. Their wedding philosophy was “If we didn’t know someone who could do it, it didn’t get done.” Since Christi and Trevor are lucky enough to have a circle of super talented friends and family, not only did it get done, it got done with some serious style.
In keeping with our conversation on budget wedding dresses, Christi got her stunning dress and her husbands suit on ebay for $75 each! Christi is a floral designer, so she did all of their flowers herself. She said if she could do it all over again, she would probably have asked for more help with the flowers, so she could have had tons of them. (I love this philosophy by the way: ask for help, and then ask for more help. That’s the old school for-real-traditional way. Vendors are not traditional, after all.)
They had a small morning park wedding, surrounded by close family.
I love this picture, because for me, it sums up what really matters in a wedding. Are your loved ones by your side? That’s all you need.
The evening reception was hosted in a local ballroom that they got for next to nothing with work connections.
A former co-worked made an organic cake for the couple.
Christi said that they friends and family helped with everything: dipping chocolate covered strawberries for the reception, setting up and tearing down, doing the brides hair and makeup, and even donating photography services. I love this! Not only did it save the couple piles of money, but more importantly, it let their community support them as they made a important public commitment… which is really the whole point.
And off they go into the sunset. Congratulations Christi and Trevor! My your wedding be the first of many many happy days in a long life together.

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  • Gorgeous, in every way. I love that thought that the real traditions surrounding weddings are about friends, family, community, not objects and acts. Great post.

  • This is so great! I know the weddings I’ve been involved with have much more fabulous memories when there have been a lot of DIY projects. It is so much fun to spend that quality time with loved ones rather than vendors!

  • I love your statement that vendors aren’t truly traditional. And it’s true! When I think about my grandparents’ weddings they didn’t hire vendors for every single thing. Back in the “old” days most weddings were more like Christi and Trevors’- everyone helped out. I think that element of community is missing when everything is provided by vendors. My best friend got married in May and the only DIY project was their favors (which only the bride and groom worked on). On the wedding day I felt like merely a spectator- I didn’t feel included in it. And I was the MOH!

  • I love this! Not only does asking for help keep things within a reasonable budget, and not only does it make the elements of a wedding more meaningful to the couple getting married, but it’s also more meaningful to your guests who have participated. Thank you for yet another inspiring – and practical – wedding!

  • I love this wedding :)

  • Trevor is my brother and I have to say — this wedding truly was beautiful. The early morning ceremony was just perfect and the reception was a lot of fun. And of course Christi looked amazing — that girl found an amazing dress for the price.

    They really did concentrate on the important things. It felt real and special and intimate — the opposite of weddings I’ve been to that cost 5+ times more than theirs. It was the best wedding I’ve ever.

  • I think this is the town I live in! Logan, Utah