Yesenia & Don’s Festive San Francisco Fiesta

* Yesenia, Stylist & Don, Restaurateur * Photographer: Chloe Jackman * Soundtrack for reading: “To Know Him Is To Love Him” as performed by Amy Winehouse *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: An out-of-control festive family affair.

The Info—Photographer: Chloe Jackman / Location: San Francisco, CA / Venue: Cigar Bar & Grill / Day-of Coordinator: Meredith Lynch / Flowers & Rentals: Johnelle Mancha of Mignonne Decor / Videographer: Valerie Sepeda / DJ  & MC: Jake Gilchrist / Yesenia’s Makeup: Nikol Elaine / Yesenia’s Hair: Aya Kamagawa from Ketér Salon / Cake: Mi Pueblo, the grocery store

Other cool stuff we should know about: It was truly a DIY wedding—from the invitations to the flower arrangements, everything was DIY. And I think that made it really warm. My friends were able to really enjoy the wedding because we saw the work through together. I mean, my family got to enjoy it, but my friends really helped, so I really truly think they felt a part of it. It felt like it was everybody’s wedding.

It was all very easy going. It wasn’t stuffy. It was super casual, which I think made it feel like a fiesta, versus a wedding. And the ceremony to me was very special, obviously, because we wrote our own vows and we didn’t think about it too hard. We just said the things we wanted to say to each other, in front of everybody.

Favorite thing about the wedding: The taquero. Having tacos at eight or nine o’clock was my favorite.

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  • Lauren

    That wedding part photo is such a gorgeous example of why non-matching outfits are the BEST. Everyone looks awesome! What a great wedding!

    • Lauren

      Wedding PARTY photo.

  • Elena

    I want to be friends with everyone in these photos. What a joyful and beautiful day!

  • Looks so festive & fun! & those DIY flowers are gorgeous!! Congratulations, Yesenia & Don~

  • Amanda

    omg those FLOWERS! I am drooling over them. Gorgeous wedding!

  • ART

    love her smile! this looks like the vibe we want for our wedding – happy and comfortable :)

  • Okay I have been a total of like 5 places in San Francisco during my quick trip there a few years back, but THAT CIGAR BAR WAS ONE OF THEM! Thank you for a wonderful flashback moment and a beautiful and joyous wedding to share. Just delightful.

  • Laura

    You look so happy and wonderful and there’s a puppy!!!! This looks like SO much fun!

  • Oh yay, Yesenia! I love it when good things happen for great people. :D The joy just shines out of these pictures.

  • Oh, your wedding ceremony is awesome, brilliant sunshine with perfect decorations, so beautiful!

  • meg

    Made. Me. CRY. <3 <3 <3, Lady. We all love you.

  • Ron

    Love the pic with the city skyline, gorgeous!

  • This looks so amazing! Great ideas!

  • Yesenia

    Thanks everyone for all the sweet comments! It was a fun day, A lot of work and in the end a great memory.
    Thanks Maddie and Meg for doing such a beautiful piece on my wedding!

  • looks so fun!

  • It was a fabulous day and I was so honored to shoot it! Thank you Mads for shooting it with me!
    Congrats Don & Yesi!

  • Michelle Tyndale

    My favorite part of the wedding by far was seeing the look on my cousin Don’s face as his beautiful bride came down the isle! I wish I spoke Spanish because as the bride entered, many Spanish words were spoken with such excitement… You felt the love throughout the entire room!

  • This was a day to remember!!! Nothing like witnessing one of your best friends get married :), sniff sniff! I had so much fun helping with what I love to do, decorating (!)… and making flower arrangements.. xxoxoxo

  • Ms. Cardigan

    That dog! Oh my, so cute!

  • Everyone seems to be having such a good time and the pictures capture that beautifully.

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