Clap if you believe in…

Reading the comments on the last post, and being amused by the people who think *I* am ambivalent about marriage (Um. Not ambivalent. Opinionated. See this blog.)

Anyway, I was reminded of a conversation I had with an old friend when we got engaged.

Me: David and I got engaged! Yayyyyy!!!
Her: Oh. That’s nice. I don’t believe in marriage.
Me: ……….
Me: Um. It’s not fairies. You don’t have to DO it, but it does exist.

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  • Wow!! I love total misinformed interpretation (ergo you must be anti-marriage because of your last post)! It just makes me laugh. But I loooove your response to your friend!!! I've had similar things said to me and I never came up with anything quite that quick witted in response. Bravo! (ok – my ! privileges are being revoked…)

  • haha. your response to "I don't believe in marriage" is the same as mine to "I don't believe in divorce." :P

  • "It's not fairies." Amazing!

  • kc

    I think we must have a friend in common! Except my dear friend continues to remind me that "most marriages end in divorce."

    She went through a divorce when she was 26. I try to tell myself to be compassionate when I really want to throw a fit.

    Also, fairies. Great response.

  • Meg

    Indeed. That too. That's another post.

  • I love you Meg!

    And the only way someone could possibly believe you are not 100% in favour of weddings is if that was the only post of your's they'd read. : )

  • Sadness. But great response on your part! :)

  • I didn't believe in marriage, either, until I found the person I would marry.

  • Cat

    She knows that every time she says that a wedding planner loses her wings, right?

  • "It's not fairies." That's awesome.

    @Cat, "every time she says that a wedding planner loses her wings". Also awesome.

    You guys (gals) crack me up, thanks for the smile!

  • Liz


    …are you ambivalent about ANYTHING?

  • Meg


  • clap clap clap clap clap clap clap

  • FK


  • Right. So with you. My MOTHER, when called to tell her about the upcoming nuptuals, said "I'm not really in to marriage."

    WTF? Great for you, mum, but how about "congrats" first, at least?

    Jeezh. And then she went out and did some vintage digging for us. Weird.

  • Living in San Francisco of all places, you should know we do exist. Way to go Meg, your comment killed a fairy.

  • Yeah!! Best response ever!

  • Vee

    Funniest response ever. Love it! =)

  • Jessica

    rad. I love diarrhea of the mouth that seems to run rampant with our nearest & dearest when we bring up our upcoming marriage…. People just can't help themselves…. Good thing both my fiance & I believe in marriage. WHEW! :)

  • Cate Subrosa

    Ha ha, genius Meg. And ha ha, Liz :)

  • That's funny.

  • you're pretty much fucking awesome, meg.


  • screw debbie downers. they're just jelly.

  • Haaaah! Just found this and it so reminded me of my buddy’s response to our engagement (friends of hers- separately and together- for five years): “Oh. That’s just so traditional of you.”

    I said, “well, we didn’t say that we were going to do it very traditionally. Do you remember who we are?”

  • Kate

    First time poster, been reading for awhile, and this just made me so happy!
    I actually have a “friend” of mine that was a downer during my whole relationship with my fiance and gave me a similar response about marriage (this was after saying my ring was too flashy and a waste of money). All of her responses to my engagement were either hurtful or disappointing (if she was having a good day). Needless to say our relationship has hit the rocks, but now I will DEFINITELY be stealing this response if she mentions something like this again. THANK YOU!