Clara & Sam’s Recession Wedding

Oh you guys… I got this amazing email last week, with a wedding that made me remember what really matters, what all this is about. It’s not about money, it’s not about what we don’t have, it’s about what we do have: love, joy, family. So feast your eyes on this wedding, and breathe it in. I have been a longtime reader. I got engaged last summer. My husband and I, both law students, were planning a wedding for 2010. The economy has hit the legal profession especially hard. As a result, my husband and I decided to do a “wedding for now” and plan to do a “wedding for later”* when we achieve better financial stability. We planned our mini wedding in three weeks, right before finals, taking place two days before our law school graduation. We had our Dean of Admissions officiate with three witnesses attending, the ceremony took place in the center of our law school courtyard. In the afternoon we had a very non formal reception at an outdoor sangria bar across from the law school. Our budget was around $2,000. See? Don’t you feel much more joyful (and peaceful) than you did before? Me too.

*Editors Note: In my humble opinion, with a wedding this (dare I say) perfect, you totally don’t need a wedding for later. Because this is clearly the best wedding ever. What you DO need is a deeply fantastic anniversary party (and don’t we all?) By which I mean, congrats you guys! Here is to many many happy years.

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