Concealed Weapons

Of course, if you are having a Marie Antoinette themed wedding, you’ll need to get this excellent Toybreaker tie for the groom.
Marie’s coat of arms and signature on the front, a guillotine on the back. You wouldn’t want anyone to think you’ve lost your sense of irony.

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  • I <3 Toybreaker. The designer is in fact planning her own wedding, and I am *desperate* for photos. Those are some groomsmen I want to see!

  • nice follow, b/t/w

  • Meg

    Of course you love them. We’ve been considering their ties for the wedding since before we got engaged. Maybe only the concealed weapons ones…?

  • I’m kind of digging experiment:

    To go with your Madame Curie themed wedding, of course.

  • Ooh east side bride, that’s actually an experiment tie with a bunch of distillation equipment on it. So it’d work great for a beer and liquor wedding too.

    My favorite is the meat grinder:

  • But you said no Marie Antoinette themes! Oh dear, now I’m all confused.

  • HA. hilarious.

  • Love the sense or irony. Love the Madame Curie / beer / liquor themed tie. Love it all!

  • Stephanie

    I love these. I bought my now-husband the gas mask one for his birthday a couple of years ago.

    I thought a 30th birthday tie made by the woman who does costumes for Skinny Puppy was ironic in itself.