Lin & Pat’s DIT Massachusetts Farm Wedding

* Lin, Product Manager & Pat, Optician * Photographer: TC Fitzgerald * Soundtrack for reading: “I Got You” by Wilco *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: A happy day at the farm surrounded by awesome family, friends, great food, and lots and lots of dancing.

The Info—Photographer: TC Fitzgerald, Lin and Pat’s friend’s dad who is also a talented documentary photographer / Location: East Falmouth, Massachusetts / Venue: Coonamessett Farm / Lin’s Dress: Priscilla’s of Boston, ($300 at their going out of business sample sale) / Pat’s Suit: John Varvatos, from Nordstrom / Bridesmaid Dress: Nordstrom / Ushers: J. Crew shirts and ties / Ringbearer: J. Crew / Table Vases: Salong from IKEA / Flowers: Windfall Market / Hand-Beaded Flowers: Done by Pat and Lin with instructions from Martha Stewart / Animal Place Cards: Down on the Farm Toobs with their mouths cut open

Other cool stuff we should know about: We made our wedding affordable and very us by making a lot of it ourselves with our kind, generous, and talented friends. We started our day together with a morning swim. A swim with friends was the perfect de-stressing way kick-off the day. The farm animals weren’t the only animals around—our dog Freddy was a prized member of the wedding party. He was walked down the aisle by one of Pat’s brothers. He sported a navy blue bow-tie and stayed with us all through the party.

We made most of the decorations ourselves: All of our bouquets, boutonnieres, and table settings featured hand-beaded flowers, which Lin beaded and Pat assembled. We made over a hundred of them. Each guest had a tiny plastic farm animal with their name stuck in its mouth. Each guest also had a card with an alpaca stamp with their name and the request to swap their card with a Polaroid. We got some amazing candid pictures with that Polaroid instead of a photo-booth.

Our cake was made by our friend Meghan. She is not a professional, but she’s the best baker we know. It was a vanilla cake with raspberry filling and lemon meringue butter-cream frosting. She made our beautiful cake, decorated it with fresh flowers, and made hundreds of cupcakes (with the assistance of her boyfriend/our friend Ash). She also introduced us to her dad, who gave us a great deal on his photography services. Lin’s brother-in-law, Brian, DJed (with his friend Amy) and they gave the night the perfect soundtrack mix, which packed the dance floor.

Favorite thing about the wedding: All our family and friends who donated their time and talents to put together a rocking dance-party celebration that felt completely ours.

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  • What a fun, special, awesome-looking day! And I am just in L-O-V-E with the bride’s dress. I’m definitely channeling a very vintage look, too, and it just makes my heart so happy. Love the appearance by the pup, too! Congrats!

  • Congrats to Lin & Pat! This whole thing is one big YUM, but I really like Lin’s swimsuit. Also, a swim to start the day sounds just amazing.

  • I adore the dress. And LOVE your hair! I’m honestly staring at the pictures trying to figure out just what it is, because I really want to do it!

    Beautiful wedding- you both look so happy. Congrats!

    • Lin

      Thanks everyone! It’s lovely to see our wedding curated like this — and will hopefully kick my butt into gear to actually make a wedding album.
      @Sonarisa — I have a few closeups I could send that might give better detail of my hairstyle. I wish I could describe what exactly it was, but I just sat down in the chair & the hairdresser did her magic. It was awesome & held up all night in spite of sweaty dancing, rain, and 80 degree humidity.

  • Emma

    I love EVERYTHING about these pictures! As I plan my wedding, I will keep the smiles in these pictures in my mind :)

  • Congratulations! It looks like it was a fun and meaningful day.

  • Karen

    I love your dress! It looks perfect on you. Thanks for sharing your wedding with us.

  • Brenda

    Seriously in love with that dress. This looks liks so much fun!

  • Just lovely! I adore that your cute pup stayed with you throughout most of the celebration, not just the ceremony. Congratulations~

  • Rachelle

    Such a gorgeous dress! What a steal!

    Also, Freddy totally has me wishing our dog was well-behaved enough to attend the wedding.

  • Toni1835

    Wow what a great wedding. Love the setting, the dog and oh my, that dress!!

  • RS

    Do I spy a bride who walked herself down the aisle? Because I did that, and I rarely see it elsewhere. Anyhow, beautiful wedding! Congrats all around.

  • LILY

    What a beautiful dress! It looks perfect for an outdoor wedding, and reaffirms my decision to buy a knee-length dress as well :)

    Lin, do you have any other information about the bridesmaid dresses? I am currently searching for navy dresses for my two ladies, and any help would be appreciated! Congratulations on a beautiful day and start to your marriage :)

  • A

    Adorable! I love this like crazy. Exactly the vibe I’d like, and your dog is precious. Congrats!

  • I love your wedding too! If only because it reminds me of my own – casual, fun, full of love – despite the rain! :-) AND we had plastic animal centerpieces! Congrats!

  • Looks like a very homely unique wedding. Going for a swim on the wedding day is pretty cool. Great photography!

  • How fun!!!! We also went for a swim, though we went the night before our afternoon wedding. It was the best.

    Congratulations. :)

  • Erin

    Seriously!! Do you have any interest in selling your dress? It was the first thing I noticed in the post. So sad to see the store go out of business.

    • Lin

      Aw, thanks! Unfortunately, I can’t bring myself to part with it. As impractical as it is, it makes me happy to see it hanging in my closet. :)
      Priscilla’s made some BEAUTIFUL, but pricey dresses — as sad as I was to see it go out of business, I was happy their closing sale aligned with my wedding planning so I could afford one of their dresses.