Corinne Krogh Believes in Slow Photography

She shoots film, she's one of you, and now she's available from AZ to WA

WHO: Corinne Krogh Photography

WHY: Corinne Krogh is not the kind of photographer who is going to deliver a thousand images of your wedding and hope you like a handful of them. A longtime APW sponsor with the chops to shoot both film and digital, Corinne prides herself on taking a “slow photography” approach to weddings. Which means Corinne is going to capture all the important, emotional moments of your wedding because she’s extra vigilant for the moments that truly matter. So instead of giving you a thousand images and hoping for a handful of framers, Corinne Krogh aims to give you a few hundred flawless images, all of which are worthy of framing. (It’s hard to even explain how rare that is in this industry.) And with five years and over a hundred weddings under her belt, she’s doing a pretty damn good job of succeeding at that goal. I’ve seen the galleries to prove it.

WHERE/HOW MUCH: Corinne is relocating to Southern California, but she’s offering free travel throughout the whole West Coast (plus Arizona). Her normal package prices average around $4,500, but to celebrate her move, she’s offering a special APW discount to any couples who book her for their 2015 weddings. For $3,900, it includes:

  • 8 Hours of Coverage
  • Photographers Assistant
  • Digital Files Printable up to 11×14
  • Online Gallery for 9 Months (for print ordering and online sharing)

For weddings outside of the West Coast, the package is the same, at a flat rate of $5,000, which includes all travel fees.

I can probably count on one hand the number of photographers I know who have shot over a hundred weddings. Most of us don’t make it past the first few years. (Turns out, wedding photography is way more intense than you’d think.) So when someone like Corinne Krogh comes along, having shot weddings for over five years, who also happens to be an APWer from way back, who is a serious artist and can wield digital cameras and film cameras like it ain’t no thing? Yeah, I think I can count the number of those people on… one finger.

When wedding photographers shoot with film, it’s generally for a pure love of the medium (film requires a whole different set of photography skills, and is more time consuming and expensive than digital.) You don’t get the pleasure of instant gratification with film, so every photos has to be carefully thought out and planned for. Which means that when I look at client galleries for someone like Corinne Krogh, every shot looks like art. Corinne says:

I shoot in a style of hybrid photography, using both film and digital cameras to photograph a wedding day. This combination has taught me not only how to be a better photographer technically, but also to slow down from the excessive snapping of digital images and really be present to what’s in my frame. Because it’s forced me to fully understand my craft, I’ve now become more in tune to what’s happening around me. There are special moments all throughout a wedding day, it just takes someone paying enough attention to see them, and quick enough to capture them before they’re gone.

Corinne’s “slow photography” approach extends to processing too. There are some photographers who will turn around your photos before you’ve even hit the getaway car (and yeah, you can tell in the quality). But Corinne believes that a little bit of a wait is worth it. She explained to me:

I only take twenty weddings per year to ensure my full energy and attention goes to each one. After the wedding is over I spend days editing the digital images to match the timeless look of film, carefully going through each and every photograph. I make sure they’re perfect before I send them to my couples, wanting them to have not only beautiful photographs, but also individual pieces of art. I also believe in having something tangible, so I give a release to all my couples to allow them to print their images wherever they like, as well as including an online gallery for them to order from and share with family and friends.

Ultimately, Corinne Krogh is all about putting herself in your shoes:

I married young at twenty-one years old, surrounded by eighty of our favorite people in a meadow in Flagstaff, Arizona. We had a three-month engagement and a beautiful wedding thanks to a village of family and friends who helped make it happen. If we got married again, I would probably plan the exact same wedding. Working with a limited budget, we found a photographer whose work we loved and put a third of our $7,000 budget there. Photography was a priority, and each year the images she took become more and more special to us. I’m so thankful for what we have, but looking back I can’t help but wish we had a little more. I would have loved to have moments captured of my parents dancing together, my sister sneaking in the bottle of rum, our cousin deciding to Russian folk dance, my husband boogying down with my grammy to a completely inappropriate song, more of his grandmother who recently passed, candids of all the people that traveled so far to be with us.

That’s what’s in the back of my mind every time I show up at a wedding. Would I hire me to capture my own wedding? What images will mean the most to this couple? How can I get one more photo that will be special to them, and then one more after that. I can never guess which images will mean the most, so I capture everything I think they might want… and then some more. Five years and a hundred weddings later, each couple I’ve photographed has made me love my job more. The hard work, aching body, days of traveling, and weeks spent behind the computer have been all worth it to get to do what I love, and what I truly feel is important.

Corinne is offering a special APW package to any couples who book her for their 2015 weddings. For $3,900, you get:

  • 8 Hours of Coverage
  • Photographers Assistant
  • Digital Files Printable up to 11×14
  • Online Gallery for 9 Months (for print ordering and online sharing)

Out-of-state weddings include all of the above (plus travel) for a flat rate of $5,000. And while Corinne is currently located in Southern California, she offers free travel throughout the entire West Coast, plus Arizona. So get on that, APW. Because if you’re one of those people who wants to have truly beautiful documentation of those never-before and never-again moments, you really can’t get a better combination of experience, talent, and APW values than Corinne Krogh Photography.

Corinne Krogh is offering a special APW-only package to any couples who book 2015 weddings. Click here to get in touch with Corinne today! 

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