Stunning Couple Tattoos That Will Stand the Test of Time

No hearts with an arrow through them here

Two brides with bridge cityscape couple tattoos on upper arms
Real talk: couple tattoos have got to be one of the more delightful trends currently sweeping the (okay, not actually super mainstream) wedding scene. While they might remain controversial to some, for many people, tattoos are a perfect way to memorialize an important event in your life and can be a really emotional experience to have together, as you’re finalizing this massive commitment. Couple tattoos offer you a way to craft some “just the two of you” ink, that will last for the rest of your lives. And it can even be a way to permanently record your relationship values, right where you’ll see it every day. That said, this isn’t a post to convince you to get a tattoo—just to help you find a badass one. And you’ll want to make sure your partner is super on board with getting inked. But the great part of taking the couple tattoo route (versus the wedding ring tattoo route) is that if your relationship ends for any reason, your tattoo can serve as a memory for you, but not an outward symbol to the world of a marriage that you’re no longer in. In short, avoid names and dates (unless you’re tattooing yourself with “I love my Mama,” which we always fully support), and you’re golden.

Well, I guess there is one more caveat. GET YOUR PARTNER’S PERMISSION FIRST. This sound obvious, till you hear APW staffer Keriann‘s story:

I have a tattoo of a cluster of stars that I doodled, and my now-husband surprised me, um, three months into non-exclusive dating, by showing up at my work with a similar tattoo of a bunch of stars. (He’d swiped a piece of paper I’d been doodling on, and clearly it never occurred to me why.) While I obviously do not recommend surprising someone with a matching tattoo, we ended up married, so this story has a happy ending. I mean, thank God.

Let’s explore the beautiful world of couple tattoos, from matching tats, to two tats that form one amazing image, when matched together. (Just, you know, ask your partner first, okay?) Happy inking!

Nature-Inspired Tattoos

Barley and lavender tattoos on forearms

Photography and tattoo by kirsten makes tattoos

Traditional Tattoos

Minimal couple Tattoos

Photography by Melissa Marshall via Junebug Weddings

Food-Inspired Tattoos

Gallery-Worthy Tattoos

Sweet & Simple Tattoos

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