Credit where credit is due, or, some sanity in Brideland.

I understand Miss Manners is a little out of vogue these days. People seem dislike her mainly due to the fact that she’s called, well, Miss Manners. How proper, how formal, how dull, they think. Well, I am here to tell you that the two people that help me keep my sanity the most during this wedding process are Ariel Meadow Stallings over at Offbeat Bride, Miss Manners. I know that makes me sound crazy, and confused (aren’t they the opposite, you are now thinking) but let me give you some examples of their sane wedding advice (because really, I don’t have time to list all of the insane wedding advice I have heard):

“You, out there in Brideland, you sweet thing: Are you planning your wedding so that it will be perfect in every detail? Do you expect it to be the happiest day of your life? Miss Manners sincerely hopes not. Few of those who prattle about that “happiest day” seem to consider the dour expectations this suggests about the marriage from the second day on. At any rate, someone whose idea of ultimate happiness is a day spent at a big party, even spent being the center of attention at a marvelous big party, is too young to get married.” – Miss Manners

“Engaged women don’t need another voice telling them they’re failing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a voice of tradition telling them they’re wrong for wanting to have their wedding in the round, or a voice of nontradition telling them they’re wrong for wanting to wear a white dress — brides need encouragement and support. This is all to say, your wedding isn’t a race, and there’s no need to win — the only prize you need is the commitment of your partner (aww) and you get that no matter what.” – Ariel Stallings

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