A Light-Hearted Pop-Up Street-Art Wedding

Because murals were put there to be backdrops, right?

Kendra, PHD Student & Joel, Electrician


A fun, relaxed Saturday afternoon celebration.


SOUNDTRACK FOR READING: “Stay with You” by John Legend

Favorite thing about the wedding

Kendra: The best part of the wedding was doing the photos first. Maggie, our photographer, made it so easy for us. We pretty much just stood in front of all amazing backgrounds and laughed and kissed while she worked her magic. We were able to have these really fun, intimate moments with just each other so we weren’t nervous when we got to the exchange of vows part.

Joel: The first look. When I first turned around and saw Kendra in her wedding dress, I was speechless. She was so beautiful, and I knew that she was mine forever.

Other cool stuff we should know about

>Our wedding took place at the Crystal Wynwood Mural in Arlington, Virginia. We wanted to have a casual, relaxed wedding and that’s exactly what we did. We found our amazing officiant and photographer duo at PopWed!Co. After the ceremony, we had a terrific lunch at Wildfire with our families, and then we headed to a fancy hotel for a nap before exploring DC. There were even celebratory fireworks for our wedding (they were really for the Cherry Blossom Festival, but maybe a small bit for us too).

I really had no interest in planning (and paying for) a big wedding with lots of details and moving parts. We kept things really simple and used paperless post for the invitations. I walked into a random flower shop the day before the wedding, and they made my bouquet on the spot. I also bought my hair clip the day before at the mall. I’m actually kind of amazed at how awesome things worked out. I married my best friend in the most perfect way. Can’t beat that.


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