Cue Hilarious And Self Aware Laughter

Winning the award for most hilarious email to land in my inbox this week, we have this, from the imitable Kimi:

My friend just told me that her friend bought her “perfect wedding shoes” for $1000.
As my friend said, “she has seriously lost the plot”.

Heeeeeee. Because, yes.
And also, who hasn’t had a day or two when they (achem) lost the plot?


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  • that’s awesome : ) there have definitely been times when i’ve “lost the plot” but they were mostly in the early stages before the idea of how little my wedding budget is really sank in. And P.S. I went to Kimi’s website after seeing it on your blog. I just finished up my invitations with her and ordered them online yesterday. I can’t wait to see them! She is incredibly helpful and has such cute invites. Thanks for posting her on your blog!

  • haha – well, all i hafta say is that for $1000 they better be perfect.

  • I was looking at $800 wedding invitations today for absolutely no good reason. Then I remembered I’m not made of money.

  • ^ THEY should be made of money for $800!

  • sam

    Wow… I can’t even imagine wanting to spend that much on a dress – let alone shoes!

  • I don’t even know WHERE to buy $1000 shoes…

  • Meg

    It’s funny, because I was thinking to myself that I totally understand brides who find $15 thrift store dresses and then spend $600 on shoes that they will wear for a million years. I mean, good for them. But… I also have NO IDEA where to spend a grand on shoes. None. ;)

  • Well that’s an interesting priority. ;)

    Did you see this site,

    Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

  • I’d be much happier in a $10 pair of Payless flats! Especially the way I wear holes through my shoes, no matter how much they cost!

  • Blue12rain

    Ha, that’s amazing. My “wedding shoes” will be a pair of blue reeboks because…
    1) I can’t walk in heels, I look like a little kid playing dress up.
    2) I want to be comfortable and be able to dance and these are my favorite shoes.
    3) No one sees your shoes if you have a full length dress anyway!

    Thanks for a great laugh today.

  • Meg

    Just for the record, I don’t think we should trash this poor girl for spending so much on wedding shoes… that’s not my point. My point is that, well, we’re all under a lot of pressure with weddings and it’s so so easy to lose the through line. I’m sure her shoes are (really really) lovely. Maybe one day I’ll even buy $1000 shoes. I don’t know, that won’t be any day soon. But none of that is the point. The point is, trying to hold on to the plot in the midst of all that white noise. Which is hard.

  • Meg

    And A-
    I feel that girl. I might be that girl.

  • Lizzie

    I looooove shoes…. but my heels were covered in wine and mud and not quite sure what else by the end of the night. And I can’t find one of them. So I’m really happy I didn’t spend a grand on wedding shoes.

  • I certainly hope she can wear them again. Sheesh.

  • Mel

    holy moly. :) I’ve been there. I found my perfect one’s for $600…not exactly in the budget. ;)

  • Meg

    Haven’t we all been there, Mel, on one thing or another? Siiigghhh. Effing weddings.


  • Anonymous

    I think I forgot to care about how other people spend their money. Oops.

  • Meg

    Um, anon. So not the point. Her wedding shoes, probably rad. The pressures of weddings? Totally uncool.

    I lose the plot ALL THE TIME. Perhaps you don’t?

    Double layers of writing here kids. Trusting you to roll with it.

  • I spent $1k on my bridal ensemble. $400 for my preworn Maggie Sottero dress on ebay, and $600 for my Manolo Blahniks. The dress I’ll wear once, the shoes I’ll wear for alot longer. Honestly, I get bothered when people say I should spend so much on a dress that I’ll wear once, and so little on shoes that I can wear a million times over again. Seems backwards to me.

  • April

    Well, we’ve all got our priorities. One of my friends got married last summer and bought a darling Watters bridesmaid dress which she kitted out with a handmade lace shrug. Total price: under $300.

    Then she bought a killer pair of $600 Louboutins! She is gonna wear those shoes to the grave probably, so good on her. Her bridal ensemble is less than what some people spend on the gown alone.

    So again – all about priorities!

    I personally wouldn’t spend that much on footwear, but that’s just me.

  • It’s so easy to lose the plot! I lost it over vases… I just kept buying and buying vases on ebay. We might need ’em, we might not, I really don’t know. We might not even have flower centerpieces!

  • I spent £200 on my dress but my shoes were £365 (actually I bought them on sale, so I spent £99). I will wear the dress once, but my shoes are by my favourite shoe designer {Rupert Sanderson} and in my favourite colour {blue}. Given the struggle I have had not to wear them I know I will wear them lots after the wedding.

    I guess what I am saying is prioritise the budget. Maybe her dress is something she already owns? Or maybe she is just someone with a very large budget who regularly spends $1000 on shoes. It might not be that she lost the plot – her plot might just be rather different to many of APW’s readers?

  • Meg

    Guys, the point is so not the shoes. I’m sorry, but we all need to really work on humor and not taking everything literally. I’m super in favor of the affordable dress and expensive shoes comments. I’ve already shut down trashing this slightly fictional girl for her shoe choice. It’s so not the point. The point is, well, the punch line. Which we all should feel some real self aware recognition with.

    I’m closing comments on this, and I’m debating keeping comments closed on all humorous posts going forward. The literal debate of humor is always a bit painful.