Leeann & Jacob

* Leeann and Jacob, Law Student (we both left our jobs a week before the wedding then we moved immediately after for Jacob to begin school) * Photographer: Rad + In Love * Soundtrack for reading: “Higher and Higher” by Jackie Wilson *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: Our warm wedding was a celebration of winning the family-and-friends lottery!

The Info—Photography: Rad + In Love / Venue: CuriOdyssey / Food: Del Popolo and Samara Catering / Dessert: Belinda Leong of b. patisserie / Day-of Coordinator: Leeann and Jacob’s friend, Ashley McCormack / Rentals: Michael S. Hensley Party Rental / Leeann’s Dress: Peter Langner, via Glamour Closet SF, modified by Leeann’s aunt, Diane Mac / Leeann’s Shoes: Kurt Geiger / Leeann’s Earrings:  Macy’s / Jacob’s Suit: Emporio Armani / Engagement Ring: Q & Q Estate Jewelry / Wedding rings: Melissa Joy Manning / Marriage Prep: Relationship Counseling Center

Other cool stuff we should know about: Our guests flash mobbed us at dinner to “Celebration.” Jacob’s awesome sister-in-law choreographed the dance, secretly distributed an instructional video to everyone, and on her cue during dinner, they cut some serious rug for us. Our jaws were on the floor!!

A traditional family dance to “Rock Lobster” requires laying down on the floor during part of the song. Typically it’s only Leeann’s family that does it while other guests at the wedding just awkwardly gawk, laugh, etc. But when the time came, everyone had been so into the song they went down with us, so that we were all laying on the dance floor making pincers with our hands. Brilliant!

Our friends all fell in love with one another that weekend. There are monthly brunch dates, out of state visits and plans for reunions among people who never met before that day. We are loving seeing these new friendships grow.

Favorite thing about the wedding:  We had a lot of difficulty in writing up this post! As many of you can probably relate, it was an intimate day that wasn’t exactly designed to be translatable to the public eye. Our wedding was incredibly warm and liberating. If we had to summarize one word it took to bring us to that day, it would have been courage. Through our relationship, there were a number of decisions that required us to completely and thoroughly know ourselves and be our own advocates in order to get to where we are now. That day, we stood in pride, humility and amazement that after the wild ride of a relationship, we still had each other, our amazing families, and most beautiful friends. We feel very rich indeed.

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  • Ashley

    Hot damn.

    • meg


  • Jashshea

    So. Flippin. Cute. And Stylish. And hot. And fun.

  • Meg

    Stunning. Absolutely stunning! You can feel the love, not just from the bride and groom, but from their friends and family. Looks like it was an incredible wedding!

  • Agreed, hot damn. Love the style and warmth pouring out of this celebration. And of course the images from Jamie and Michelle, who (from the looks of it) pretty much dominated this wedding.

    • meg

      It was one of those weddings where I felt terrible editing the images down for a story, because I could have just showed you 100, and they all would have been amazing. But 100 would have been a lot. So. MY LIFE IS HARD YOU GUYS. ;)

  • Holy heck. That is one rad wedding. And her hair. I have serious hair envy.

    • Leeann

      Katie, no one has ever said that to me and let me just say I won’t forget it. xoxo

  • Anne

    Holy Cow — Coyote Point looks gorgeous in your photos. As do both of you, of course.

  • Could they be grinning any wider at each other??

    Also, have they written a post about their decision to leave both jobs for his schooling? I smell APW material there.

    • Leeann and Jacob

      We’d love to write that! xo

  • A Single Sarah for certain values of single

    So excited that you included the marriage prep link. But favorite part about this wedding is the friends connecting. I have totally been that friend (though no out-of-state visits) and love weddings all the more because of it.

  • Tailored Engagements

    I really liked how the photographer captured the lively personality of the couple, from the “fist bump” before the wedding to the guests dancing at the reception! It captured a better dynamic than just a traditional wedding.

    • Fermi

      I totally missed the fist bump because all I could see what that amazing figure of hers, the bride is gorgeous, even more so due to her smile!

      • Leeann and Jacob

        Thank you! Jamie and Michelle are top notch, they truly know and love photography and even better – know and love people.

  • That dress. Seriously, that dress. Damn, that’s a beautiful dress.

    • LMN

      That dress! When I saw the sleeves & neckline, I thought, “Oooh.” And when I saw it from the front: “Wow. Very nice.” But the shot that totally did me in is the silhouette from the back (I think you’re walking between your parents). You are so radiant and your dress is just the icing on the cake!

    • excellentastrophe

      this dress!!! soooo perfect! as a woman looking for a non-sleeveless dress I am totally inspired by how completely rocking this dress is. I also love love love the photography in this, the love and celebration jumps off of the screen at you, and there is no doubt that it saturated the whole event.

      • Leeann and Jacob

        Thank you, thank you, thank you! xo

  • Laura Lee

    Just plain gorgeous!

  • Lindsay

    Her dress is gorgeous – so flattering and simple, but classic.

  • Claire

    Love the dress!! But really the whole thing looks gorgeous and fun!

  • i love you guys cause you get it!

  • Emilie

    Definitely my new favorite wedding dress. I have a whole new found respect for trains.

  • What gets me here is how in every single picture the bride and groom are both in the love between you two just radiates. So lovely to see!

  • RachelC

    wow wow wow wow wow. To Everything. EVERYTHING.

  • Leeann and Jacob

    You all rule and we honestly wish we could hug each of you. You have two friends in Portland. xoxoxoxo!

  • Jessica


  • E3

    Oh my god, her dress, her smile – STUNNING.

    If I can look half as good on my wedding day, it will be a miracle.

  • How incredibly stunning! Congratulations, you two. What a beautiful celebration.

  • You can see & feel the love in the wedding photos! Congratulations~

  • you all look like you’re having so much fun!!! I love it. and yes, LeeAnn, you’re STUNNING. and I love all the pictures of you two by the water. goshhhh this wedding is gorgeous.

  • The dress and the hair, you guys. THE DRESS AND THE HAIR.

  • Julia

    That photo of him touching her neck with her hair is blowing over her face? Quite possibly my favorite. wedding. photo. ever. Leanne, you are radiant!

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  • Bree

    Found this post through Pinterest. Absolutely stunning wedding, Leeann! My fiancé and I are currently looking at CuriOdyssey for our venue. Did you have a good experience with the facility?

    • Leeann

      Hi Bree! Thanks for your sweet words. I am so glad I randomly opened this page only two days after your comment; I hope it’s not too late, as we did not have a good experience with CuriOdyssey (it was a mixed-bag, but sadly we can’t give them a good review). I would be happy to talk more and answer any questions, maybe we can find a way to connect via email? Good luck!

      • bree

        Hi Leeann!

        Thanks for your reply! I am very glad you randomly opened this page too. ;) It’s not too late yet, as we are still considering our options and I would love to hear your experience. My wedding email is weddingbree@gmail.com so please feel free to email away!

        Again, you made an absolutely gorgeous bride and thank you so much for being willing to talk to me about this!!

        • Leeann

          You are so kind, Bree. Jacob and I will put our heads together on how to best summarize our experience and I’ll email you this weekend. xo!

          • Adrienne

            Leeann, my fiance and I are also thinking about this venue – and your pictures really make it look amazing! If you wouldn’t mind, could I also get a copy of that email with your experiences? I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing in picking a venue, and any advice would be helpful! You can send an email to loneliest.coyote@gmail.com

            I also want to second what everyone else has said – your photos are gorgeous, and it looks like this was an incredibly fun, loving wedding. Congratulations!

          • Leeann

            Thanks so much, Adrienne! I just sent you a quick note, I hope it’s not too late–I’d be happy to chat. xo

          • Lily

            Hi Leeann, I came across your page and your beautiful photos. I am also considering this venue and was interested in hearing about your experience with Curiodyssey as well. There aren’t that many reviews online for this place in terms of weddings. My e-mail is babee_bub[at]yahoo[dot]com. I’d also like to get your opinion on how you managed the split levels. Thank you so much for any advice. Thank you!

          • Leeann

            Oy, just saw this, hope it’s not too late, I just emailed you :)

      • Kayla

        Hi Leeann,

        I am so sorry to hear that you didn’t have a good experience with CuriOdyssey. I am also currently looking at this venue and am wondering why you wouldn’t give them a good review. Any information would be helpful. My email is knbush15@gmail.com Thanks!

  • Leeann

    Update 6 months later – we still wanna give each of you massive hugs for your kindness. xoxo

  • ailicre

    Leeann, these photos are gorgeous and your wedding looks like it was so full of love!! I was just wondering, is there any way you would be willing to share where you got your dress? I am sewing my own which is similar, but I would love to be able to have a closer look at the dress you wore.

    • Leeann

      I’m so sorry that I’m seeing this just now, Ailicre. My gown was from Glamor Closet in San Francisco, made by Peter Langner a few seasons ago. I hope this helps, good luck!

      • Leeann

        And thank you for your kind words – made me smile big time!

  • Mark

    Hi there! Gorgeous photos. It looks like you had a lot of fun at Curiodyssey! My fiancee and I were thinking of that place as a venue for our own ceremony. We haven’t seen much about the place in regards to reviews, though. If you have time, could you let us know a few details of your experiences about them? Our wedding email is markandmel2015@gmail.com. Again, awesome photos, it looks like it was a lot of fun!