David’s Custom Wedding Ring

David’s ring arrived today, in a brown paper package tied up with string. I have thus far managed not to lick it, which I think shows admirable restraint.

It was custom made for us in Brooklyn by Blanca Monros Gomez. Blanca should thank her lucky stars that we no longer live in Brooklyn, or I might delightedly lick her as well. It’s really that lovely.

PS I had a secret message engraved on it for David that he’s not allowed to see till our wedding day. I like secret messages.
PPS Yes, yes, of *course* you’ll all get to see the ring… soon enough.

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  • Aaaaaaaah so exciting!!! Custom rings are truly one of the happy wonders of this world…

    Of course, I have been debating over what to engrave on the inside of E’s, for, oh, about a year now. Praying for inspiration.


  • That is the best packaging ever.

  • that’s SO cool. my fiance and I are getting our rings engraved too. I love it because the word means is sweet if a stranger were to read it but then there’s special meaning for the two of us as well.

    can’t wait to see it! (also i DO live in brooklyn so i’ll be checking out blanco monros!)

  • Yay! I love her stuff so much.

  • Yes. I had the same trouble with nearly licking yummy things last week. Sometimes it is hard not to lick things.

    (brown paper package! string! secret messages!)

  • wow! the package looks so magical!

  • Meg

    I know you did, Amanda. I know. Sigh.

  • Custom rings are the only way to go, in my humble opinion. I wish I had a photo of ours. Our first initials in Arabic linked together all the way around the bands, inlaid in silver. Our own, very public, secret.

    Can’t wait to see his!

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    Brown paper packages tied up with string? Why those are one of my favourite things.

  • Delicious and mysterious!

  • sam

    I love it! I might kiss the screen.

    We’re getting custom rings made… I can’t wait to see them, and this lovely package has me even more excited.

  • Secret message! Best idea!!! I love secret messages too.

  • I love the package, how cool is the ring inside I am left to wonder!?!?!?

  • Oh I simply adore secret messages that only the two of you understand.

  • You are going to make him try it on *now* though, right? If it doesn’t fit you want to know in time to adjust it before the wedding.

  • Meg

    Oh, it’s been tried on, while I yelled “Don’t look, don’t look inside, DON’T!”

  • because you are practical.