An Intimate DC Wedding, At Home

Romantic and stress-free

Callie, Crisis Hotline Operator & Charles, Marketing Manager

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Neither of us is very traditional. We had been taking about getting married for a while, and we both knew it would happen eventually. His dad only gets one specific week off each year, so we knew if we wanted him to be there, it would need to be that week. In March, it just sort of came up in a discussion that maybe we should do it in June. We agreed that that was a good idea, but didn’t really make any official plans. We met my family in Mexico a few weeks later and told them our idea; I guess that made it official. We decided on a location (our new home) and picked out rings (I didn’t want an engagement ring, and we paid for our own wedding rings). We planned our wedding in seven weeks. It was stress free, and totally romantic and relaxing.

In the middle of the ceremony, my best friend dropped the rings. His fell onto the deck, but mine slipped through the cracks onto the roof. We used a ring my parents got me for the ceremony, and after it was over his dad crawled over the railing to get my ring.

Favorite Thing About the Wedding

It was about our love and our family, not a big show, it was really special.


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