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How Do You Want To Close Out The Decade? (With The Stars)

The Zodiac with Leah

Welcome the final Planning By The Stars, for 2019 (and the decade). This is our monthly wedding-, relationship-, and planning-focused horoscope series from supernatural social worker Leah Tioxon (formerly our summer camp witch). Given that we’re a site focused on folx planning large events and in relationships, Leah’s advice focuses on those themes, as she helps you ride the cosmic currents rather than swim upstream. Let’s get into it.

This month we are wrapping up not just a year, but an entire decade. There is some mega energy in the stars for launching ourselves firmly, optimistically, and successfully into the transformative ’20s. Reflect on what you are most proud of from the past decade, and acknowledge all the ways you’ve grown. Walk consistently in the direction of what is true for you, and feel confident in claiming and honoring your boundaries—healthy boundaries nourish healthy relationships, and open us to deeper connections and more supportive partnerships. It’s time to bring dreams into reality, and we aren’t going to do it alone.



What are your core values as this decade draws to a close? Reflect on who you’ve become and the legacy you are here to create. Talk with your partner about your career goals for the next ten years and what that might require in terms of education, relocation, and time investment. Where do you see yourselves in five years? In ten? Make a vision board to help solidify your dreams and whet your appetite for all the awesome to come! A solar eclipse (Dec 25–26) at the end of the month is the perfect time set a powerful intention for your long-term future. It should feel both thrilling and a little scary. Reach for what you most want.



How have you grown over the past decade? What wisdom has been gained? Write down your thoughts! Let these reflections inform your upcoming journey through the Twenties. A full moon on the 12th will ask you to confront and release a key insecurity or self-doubt that has been holding you back. Ask your partner or loved one to point out some qualities and talents for which you don’t give yourself enough credit. This is a month to get a clear sense of who and where you’d most like to be ten years from now. The solar eclipse (Dec 25–26) is a time to solidify your intentions for the future you wish to create. Be bold. Know who you are as you stay curious about your ongoing evolution. Step into 2020 with more confidence than ever!


MAY 21–JUNE 20

There has never been a time quite like this one. To quote the esteemed Mary Oliver, “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Allow some stream-of-consciousness journaling to pour forth in response to her question. You are the future. Your choices, actions, and words are actively creating a world that is different from the world of your parents, your grandparents, your ancestors. Each day, your choices matter. You matter, perhaps more than you realize. How are your relationships paving the way for a healthier society? What support do you need in creating the future you want? Don’t put off making necessary changes—start small, but start now.



Relationships can teach us so much about ourselves. What have your most impactful relationships shown you over the past decade? What kind of partnerships would you like to see flourish in the next ten years? This is a time for building bridges and fortifying boundaries, for speaking your needs and knowing where (and where not) to compromise. Be honest when it comes to identifying patterns that keep you stuck in old ways, and invest in growing into more authentic and nourishing connections. Relationships take work, both on oneself and together. On Dec 26th’s new moon, set intentions with your significant other(s) for at least one area you can improve your partnership. Then hold each other accountable for taking meaningful action to do so.



There’s no taming your fire, but now is a time to ensure it’s burning within safe and manageable boundaries. Stay bright and put that energy to good use, Leo—you warm everyone around you with your light! So don’t let it burn out. Make a plan to be more disciplined, whether that’s with your time, money, or health habits. If you need help creating a routine or system to support greater structure in your life, find a life coach, a business mentor, or a personal trainer to assist you. Get clear on your top three goals for the next decade and identify what resources you require to succeed in accomplishing them. Don’t be afraid to stretch yourself, but do be a bit more realistic in what your dreams ask of you and what you’ll need along the way. Plant seeds for steady growth and envision the harvest that will ensue as we prepare to ring in a new decade.



What do you long to create? Not just for the world, but for yourself? It’s time to honor the deeper stirrings of your soul. Celebrate all you’ve learned and accomplished over the past ten years. Forgive yourself for the times you were too hard on your own sweet self. As a new decade dawns, give yourself permission to write a whole new chapter for your life—one where your heart leads and your head offers back-up. It’s not only ok to go after what you want, it’s actually the path to long-term success and true wellness. In the wise words of Joseph Campbell, “Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.”



Foundations support the structure of our lives. Where does your foundation need some strengthening? Don’t get overwhelmed by a lengthy to-do list: just choose one small thing that needs your attention, complete it, and then reward yourself with high fives and some fun or relaxation. Then repeat. Remember to ask for help as needed. Actually, go ahead and plan for having help, rather than waiting until you’re maxed out. Let your partners, friends, co-workers, and family (where appropriate) know your goals, your needs, and work together to weave support more fully into your world as a new decade dawns.



It’s time to shift your focus from the macro to the micro. Where can you make an immediate and palpable difference? What issue is most near and dear to your heart? There’s a lot going on in the world, and it’s easy to get pulled in five different directions. This waters down your energy and effectiveness, however, and you are a potent and needed force, dear Scorpio. Channel your energy into a laser beam rather than trying to be the sun. Give yourself a media time-out and spend time being really present with those near and dear to you. What matters most? As we ring in a new decade, let that answer guide you.



Where do you struggle the most with money? It’s time to earn some Adulting points, oh Archer! As we close out the year, take stock of your financial decisions to date. Be honest about where you could have made better choices, and give yourself credit for each time you did. Discuss your goals and dreams for the next decade with your partner and step into an even more mature, resourced, and confident future by creating a tangible representation of You in Ten Years. Make a vision board, photograph yourself in a power suit, or sketch out your dream home: whatever it is, do something that brings your long-term dream a bit more into actual, material form. Your mantra for 2020 is, “Act responsibly, dream improbably, and quite possibly, I’ll witness an anomaly.” Big dreams, small steps, invite in the magic.



Jupiter, planet of abundance and opportunity, moves into your sign at the start of the month. Get ready to rock and roll! Pace yourself this month, because Jupiter’s energy can supersize everything and lead us to some uncomfortable indigestion. This next year will offer you chances to express more of yourself and make sure your needs are being met. Take stock of the ways you hold yourself back or keep others at a distance. What helps you feel at ease? How can you invite more joy into your days? Grab some paper and write down ways this new decade be even more juicy and fulfilling. Stick it on your fridge or bathroom mirror, read it daily, and jump into the new year feet first and radiant! For extra credit, or a boost throughout the new year, read Maya Angelou’s poem Continue.



As Jupiter moves into Capricorn for the next 13 months, you are invited into a deeper exploration of your subconscious patterns and inner longings. The full moon on Dec. 12 asks you to get really honest with yourself when it comes to what you want. Own up to your desires. Tap into your passion, your enthusiasm, your creative spark. This next decade is a chance for you to find meaning, make meaning, and do the things that mean something to you. Start a dream journal or try a meditation class. Study Jungian psychology or origin stories from around the world. Explore the depths, both inner and outer, and engage fully with what lights you up. The transformative ’20s are dawning—what changes would YOU like to see?



Every day, we have the opportunity to connect with others in meaningful and uplifting ways. Pay attention to the small and simple ways you can have an impact on those around you. When you don’t feel up to people-ing, shift your focus to ways you can connect with yourself, rather than shutting down or numbing out. This new decade is a time of enrichment, of weaving a wide and strong web that can support you in all the ways. This requires some effort on your part, but not too much. Do what is do-able, delegate where possible, and include self care and solitude in your daily plans. You are poised for deeper connections and commitments, but know that when more is asked of you, more should also be given. Get your cup filled. Share the overflow. An abundant, exciting decade awaits!

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