Clara & Sarah’s Low-Key Factory Space Wedding

* Clara, Science Journalist & Sarah, Middle School English and History Teacher * Photographer: Kelly Prizel * Soundtrack for listening: “The Kiss That Counted” by Catie Curtis *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: Low-key, genuine, nerdy, and sweet, with lots and lots of love.

The Info—Photographer: Kelly Prizel / Location: Deep River, Connecticut / Venue: The Lace Factory / Clara & Sarah’s Dresses: Saja / Clara & Sarah’s Makeup: Blush Couture / Bouquets and Herbs for Centerpieces: Ballek’s Garden Center / Catering: Cloud Nine / DJ: Jerry Booth / Invitations: Bella Figura from Lion in the Sun

Other cool stuff we should know about: We fell in love with the Lace Factory, an old factory-turned-event space that still retains lots of historical touches. We tried very hard to make things simple and feel like “us,” so there were pies instead of cake, no attendants or a formal aisle, and we had the cocktail hour before the ceremony, then jumped straight into the reception right afterward. The whole wedding was a team effort on the part of family and friends. We made strawberry jam with Sarah’s aunt to put on the tables as favors, and Sarah and her mother crocheted lots of little round rocks for decorations. Clara’s mom made wall hangings featuring family photos from both sides, and Clara’s parents and a friend built the chuppah out of bamboo. We worked for a long time on the ceremony with Sarah’s aunt, who did a beautiful job officiating, and came up with something that was incredibly meaningful and fitting for us. We knew we wouldn’t be able to say more than “I do” without breaking down, so we had our sisters speak during the ceremony. Their speeches were heartfelt and amazing—a total highlight of the day. Also, we slipped in a reference to Battlestar Galactica when we had the guests agree to support our marriage by calling out, “So say we all,” just to keep the nerd quotient high. The evening ended in a crazy-fun dance party, despite the hundred-degree heat, thanks to our great DJ.

Favorite thing about the wedding: Having so many of our favorite people on Earth in one place at one time.

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