Clara & Sarah’s Low-Key Factory Space Wedding

* Clara, Science Journalist & Sarah, Middle School English and History Teacher * Photographer: Kelly Prizel * Soundtrack for listening: “The Kiss That Counted” by Catie Curtis *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: Low-key, genuine, nerdy, and sweet, with lots and lots of love.

The Info—Photographer: Kelly Prizel / Location: Deep River, Connecticut / Venue: The Lace Factory / Clara & Sarah’s Dresses: Saja / Clara & Sarah’s Makeup: Blush Couture / Bouquets and Herbs for Centerpieces: Ballek’s Garden Center / Catering: Cloud Nine / DJ: Jerry Booth / Invitations: Bella Figura from Lion in the Sun

Other cool stuff we should know about: We fell in love with the Lace Factory, an old factory-turned-event space that still retains lots of historical touches. We tried very hard to make things simple and feel like “us,” so there were pies instead of cake, no attendants or a formal aisle, and we had the cocktail hour before the ceremony, then jumped straight into the reception right afterward. The whole wedding was a team effort on the part of family and friends. We made strawberry jam with Sarah’s aunt to put on the tables as favors, and Sarah and her mother crocheted lots of little round rocks for decorations. Clara’s mom made wall hangings featuring family photos from both sides, and Clara’s parents and a friend built the chuppah out of bamboo. We worked for a long time on the ceremony with Sarah’s aunt, who did a beautiful job officiating, and came up with something that was incredibly meaningful and fitting for us. We knew we wouldn’t be able to say more than “I do” without breaking down, so we had our sisters speak during the ceremony. Their speeches were heartfelt and amazing—a total highlight of the day. Also, we slipped in a reference to Battlestar Galactica when we had the guests agree to support our marriage by calling out, “So say we all,” just to keep the nerd quotient high. The evening ended in a crazy-fun dance party, despite the hundred-degree heat, thanks to our great DJ.

Favorite thing about the wedding: Having so many of our favorite people on Earth in one place at one time.

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  • I am SWOONING over both dresses! So stunning!

    (Best cake toppers ever, or best cake toppers ever?)

    • Laura C

      No kidding on both points! I would wear either of those dresses in a heartbeat, and I’m not even planning to wear a white dress.

      • Saja dresses are BEAUTIFUL, I’m trying to figure out how to get up to NYC to their main store, since they don’t do any returns on purchases (so I can’t, you know, order a dress and then send it back if I don’t like it, sigh).

        As soon as I saw those dresses I said “I bet they are Saja.” Yep. I think I need to get me in a Saja dress, these photos just confirm it.

        • I tried on some saja dresses and they were the softest most amazing pieces of fabric I’ve ever had against my body. It felt like silky butter. Haha!

          Do you have a Bella bridesmaid near you? That’s where I tried them on.

          • We do have a Bella Bridesmaid in the area but I called them and they are one of the retailers who don’t carry Saja (sad). I’ve been meaning to get up to NYC anyways to see my sister and some friends–might make an appointment for my sister to scope in my absence, and if she says things look good I’d totally go up there (not like I *need* an excuse to go to NYC but you know what I mean). The dresses are in my price range too and seem like they would work for my ample bosoms. I keep going back to the site so…it is a sign! Fortunately my wedding is in June 2014, so I have some time!

        • Kestrel

          Ugh. I wish I would have looked at the price first…. the one Saja dress I really fell in love with is $1000 – about double my budget. Sad day!

          Ungh… it just looks so pretty and perfect!

          • I love HB6565, I keep looking at it and lusting after it…now if only teleportation existed, hm.

        • Laura C

          I had not looked at the Saja website until I read your comment, but some of those bridesmaid dresses are just about exactly what I was looking for for my wedding dress. And below my budget, where I could maybe get a fun belt or sash with it. Verrrrry interesting.

  • elle


  • Karen

    This was a really sweet wedding. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. :-)

  • Shiri

    I can’t handle the loveliness of this wedding! That picture in front of the rail car is so beautiful and has a great Victorian but updated feel to it. Congrats to you both!!

  • Cleo

    I definitely first understood the title of the post as “Clara and Sarah’s Low-Key Factory Wedding in Space!” so I was slightly disappointed when no rocket ships or martians appeared in the photos.

    But in all seriousness, it looks like such a gorgeous, colorful, love-filled day.

    And can we talk about the pie toppers?! Where did you get them? did you design them? (Also, pie!)

    • Kelsey

      Exact same reaction!

  • Catherine

    THE DRESSES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marie

    A BSG reference in your wedding? So awesome!!

    • So say we all! LOVE IT.

  • the love in these pictures radiates, and I gasped over the dresses – so lovely!

  • Katherine

    “Having so many of our favorite people on Earth in one place at one time.” That is EXACTLY my favorite thing of all. The dresses are gorgeous too, and the love pretty much radiates out of each picture. Can’t go wrong having Kelly Prizel as your photographer :-) So happy for you both!

  • Sabrina

    BSG FTW! Frack yes!

  • Michelle

    What a simply gorgeous wedding, clearly full of so much love love love! I am so happy for both of you and wish you the best in your marriage.

  • Martha


  • Clara

    Thank you guys! The cake toppers are actually just action figures of Dana Scully and Jane Austen that we have sitting on our mantel (we also have Tara from Buffy and a few others and had to make some hard choices!). And we hot glued them to those little plastic tables that come with pizza delivery!

    • Jessica

      SHUT UP that is way cool.

    • We almost used action figures, but we couldn’t decide!

      Also, I think this series of prints would be right up your alley:

    • Jenn

      I used the same Jane Austen figure on our cake! :) My partner used a pirate one; we still joke that our cake’s theme was Pirates and Prejudice.

      I also love the dresses and necklaces. So pretty.

      • Clara

        LUCY – I LOVE those prints! I want them all! You’ve definitely got us pegged :)

        JENN – Pirates and Prejudice is brilliant!

  • Love, LOVE every single thing about this sweet wedding! Congratulations, Clara & Sarah~

  • TOTALLY: “Having so many of our favorite people on Earth in one place at one time.” I love it. Congratulations!!!

  • Sarah

    The parents who look so happy and joy-filled as they ran into the reception in the photo above was so lovely and made me mist up a bit.

    And those dresses are just beyond words.

  • Hannah K

    Not ONLY the amazing details everyone is loving, but also the photos! That nose-smushing kiss and the face touching–so sweet and real.

  • So much love and beauty! Congratulations, ladies!!

    I love everything about this gorgeous, gorgeous wedding.
    And, yes! The dresses! I would also wear either of them in a heartbeat–not just for a wedding, but for any day that includes an excuse to dress up!

  • Not too much else to say other than what has been said. Beautiful. Your hair, your dresses, the venue, your family and friends. Just lovely. Congratulations! And thank you for sharing.

  • Siiiiiigh, what a gorgeous, glowing, couple! And hooray for “so say we all” – we are sneaking that one in as well!

  • Leanne

    the love and joy are palpable in those photos. And that dress with the sleeves – gah. gorgeous. ephemeral.

  • Stephanie

    You both looked amazing!!! Glad you had such an amazing day.

  • I will not cry in mission control. I will not cry in mission control. Aw, to hell with it.

    You both look beautiful and so in love. But I really lost it at the beautiful pink tallit chuppah.
    *wipes tears*
    Battlestar Galactica yay! We actually played the miniseries at our reception (on the TV screens meant for a slideshow I did not have time to make) but I forgot about the Baltar/Six sex scene and our day of coordinator got a complaint that it was inappropriate. Oops.

  • Abilene

    Super cool! I especially love the beautiful stump showcasing the wedding pie – very clever!

  • They look so beautiful! Love both their dresses. :)

  • I know I’m a couple days late, but I wanted to say how wonderful your getting ready photos are. You both look so excited and happy and gorgeous! What an incredible wedding!

  • I love this! Such joyous expressions on these ladies’ faces. Happy!

  • Andree K.

    Great how the brides wore gowns that showed their individual tastes and personalities but with a unified look. A really touching, gorgeous wedding.

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