Andria & Tim

Guerrilla Wedding in the Denver Natural History Museam

* Andria, Creative Director at the University of Minnesota & Tim, Technical Service Specialist at Wells Fargo * Photographer: Moodeous Photography * Soundtrack for reading: “Baby I Love You” by The Ramones*

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: It was quirky, fun, and happy; we excitedly started our future in a natural history museum.

The Info—Photography: Moodeous Photography / Venue: Denver Museum of Nature and Science; not an event space in the museum, just the museum. (Not only is it an incredible place, but the staff, especially the librarians, were so great. We just walked in, took pictures, and got married. Nothing was arranged, but everyone was welcoming and open to us being there.) / Aria’s Dress: Vintage-inspired tea-length dress, designer unknown / Tim’s Suit: From his closet

Other cool stuff we should know about: We eloped! We originally were going to elope elope (i.e. just us), but my parents and sister wanted to attend. Then my aunt surprised us the day of! Tim’s family couldn’t come because of health reasons. (But we’ve met and like each other, I promise!)

The elopement strategy was part of the reason we chose Denver (the other part being that my parents were married in Denver). What’s awesome about Colorado is that you can be your own officiants. We were able to say what we wanted to say to each other, in our own way. The day was easy, stress-free, and we remember everything—that’s what we are most thankful for. It wasn’t a whirlwind, exhausting affair. Not that other types of weddings are bad, this way just worked for the kind of people we are. Also, we had fun and got amazing pictures thanks to Kristy!

Favorite thing about the wedding: Finding an awesome book. I Married Adventure, by Osa Johnson. I put the whole story about the find up on our site, but it’s definitely my favorite memory/memento.

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  • Lauren

    ANTLER PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love this.

    • Seriously!!!

      • Seriously! I love it. Congrats!

  • PA

    I’m not sure quite what appeals to me SO MUCH about guerrilla weddings, but these pictures perfectly encapsulate it!

    Andria and Tim, I wish you all the best!

  • Claire

    Love it! I always wanted a guerrilla elopement. I’m thrilled to see yours – it looks gorgeous, unique and fun. Congratulations.

  • Beautiful wedding! I love elopements, as an eloper myself. :)

    I love that you were your own officiants!

  • Marrying yourself is a beautiful sentiment.

  • Fermi

    I think that is awesome. Love the guerilla wedding post!

  • Beautiful! Being your own officiants is awesome! I’m photographing a non-guerilla APW wedding at a natural history museum in August, and am so inspired by all the creative ways you used the space here.

  • Kelley

    I love the U of MN connection! Go Gophers!

  • Class of 1980

    You can be your OWN OFFICIANTS while looking at polar bears and wolves?

    My brain just exploded and I have to go clean up. ;)


  • ProjectWed

    As someone planning on being her own officiant in her Pennsylvania July wedding… I’m curious about how many other places allow this. So far I have:

    1. Pennsylvania
    2. Denver
    3. California

    Any others???

    • Actually, as far as I know you can’t self-solemnize in California. I’ve had clients “self-solemnize” their own weddings, but actually have a friend fill out the paper work for legal purposes. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong however!

      • Jo

        From what I’ve read online, Pennsylvania and Colorado are the only states that allow self-solemnizing. Ironically, I grew up in PA and my husband in CO (where we now live), so I hadn’t realized how rare it was until I decided to search around one day. (I could find the sources that told me this, but I’m too lazy right now – sorry!)

        • Maeve

          As someone who is going to have a courthouse wedding then a family wedding afterwards because of my state’s stupid rules about who can be an officiant, CO and PA rock!

  • Ginna

    Love this! And it gives me so many ideas for our wedding (and fab reading material!). Thanks for sharing!

  • ASTRONAUT!! (Please say that in slow motion like in that cheesy scene from Armageddon.)

    I also enjoy that it looks like one of the wolves is watching you kiss.


  • Melissa

    How can you go wrong with polar bears and wolves? Gorgeous photos and coolest wedding. Luck and love to you.

    I am a huge history nerd, and I love wolves, so this made me squee on multiple levels.

  • Lisa B.

    That’s my dream fantasy wedding, is a guerrilla wedding at The House on the Rock in Wisconsin. Major props for going for it. It looks awesome. :)

  • Amber

    I LOVE this!! I used to work at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (which was awesome!!!), and seeing these pictures totally made my day! Thanks for sharing your story and adventure! :-)

  • Katie

    I have to delurk to share something amazing about the Denver museum I learned as a small child from a tour guide. In about a dozen of the nature scenes like the polar bear, the artists hid little elves and gnomes in the background painting. The Denver natural history museum is probably my favorite place on earth.

    Colorado is fantastic for doing unconventional weddings, since the only requirement is that the wedding license is signed by the bride, the groom, and two adult witness. My sister and I performed the ceremony for my mom and stepdad in our living room with two of their friends, and then we all went to the Cheesecake Factory in fancy outfits.

    • OMG YES! We totally ran around LOOKING for them. The one we found was in the Dino exhibit somewheres :)

  • SarahToo

    Wow! Super inspiring wedding for a science-geeky person like me…and the chilled out tone of it is also fabulous. You all look so completely and utterly happy-and- relaxed! I sure do wish that self-officiating was an option where I live. I don’t at all understand why we’re expected to shell out a big hunk o’ dough to a professional officiant to fill out some paper work that I’m sure we could do ourselves. I mean, heck, I do my own taxes and it can’t possibly be more complicated than that.

  • Ok, my reader feed is SUPER backed up, but could not resist being late to the party to comment on this wedding. It’s so lovely, and the pictures are brilliant. Love!

  • Hannah

    When I daydream about my fantasy wedding, this is always where it is. Makes me happy to know they were so accommodating of you! I have so many happy memories of that museum, I would love to get married there.