DIY Guilt

When Aimee sent me the Save The Date cards that she and her fiance had come up with, she sent them with a little apology, a apology I think all DIY couples are way too familiar with. She said “We went the uber-casual/simple/inexpensive route with a postcard we made from a photo, here are our silly Save The Dates.” And then I opened this awesomeness:Not only do they look cool, but they took the picture at the cafe table where they met, and they photoshopped their kitty into the card, and it fits their personalities since they love both books and coffee shops (us too!). These are some of the coolest and most personal Save The Dates I’ve seen.

I think couples going the DIY route tend to have some guilt going on. We’re under so much pressure to spend SO much money on so many different things, that when we do things on our own, we are afraid they are not going to be good enough. I hear a lot of people saying “We hope it’s not tacky” and “We hope it doesn’t look homemade.” So I just want to say this. You can spend a small fortune to pay someone to hand design save the dates and invitations for you that reflect who you are as a couple, but they may never be as cool or as personal as a Save The Date like this one, made by the couple.

So lets reclaim our own weddings! Forget saying we are having a DIY wedding. When people ask, you can just say that you are not having a professional wedding. Because really, when you think about it, there is nothing more old fashioned and traditional then doing your wedding yourself.

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