Robin & Rob

 * Robin, Elementary Special Education Teacher & Rob, Middle School Music Teacher/Photographer/Wedding Band Guitarist * Photographer: Hart & Sol East * Soundtrack for reading: “Sifters” by Andrew Bird *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: Our wedding was relaxed, fun, warm, and sweet.

The Info—Photography: Hart & Sol East / Videography: Bleu Studio / Venue: Home of Robin’s mother and stepfather / Catering: Shore Fresh SeafoodRobin’s Dress: David’s Bridal / Robin’s Veil: Made by her grandmother / Bridesmaid Dresses and Robin’s Reception Dress: J.Crew Bridal / Groomsmen: Tommy Bahama

Other cool stuff we should know about: There are so many special memories from that day, but I will always remember slow-dancing barefoot, while one of our friends was singing “At Last” and looking around and seeing everyone dancing, talking, kids running around, and people sitting with their feet in the pool. It was exactly what we wanted.

We are so blessed that our family helped to make our day what it was. My grandmother made my veil and the beautiful rug that we put on the altar. My dad made the backdrop for the “stage.” My stepmother made sixteen gorgeous pies for dessert. Having the wedding at our family’s home, a place that was special and comfortable for us was such a gift. We partied well into the night, and were able to have the relaxed, intimate event that we wanted. Rob works in a wedding band, so he was able to set up an amazing sound system for our guests to play music, read speeches, etc. We asked everyone to come prepared to sing a song or two, so all night we had different guests get up and perform. Oh, and the food! Our caterer is a long-time family friend and owner of a fantastic seafood restaurant in town. We had live lobsters! People are still talking about our food. Overall, we wanted our wedding to reflect us, and we added tons of personal, special touches that were reflective of our personalities.

Favorite thing about the wedding: Everyone was themselves and comfortable, and the relaxed vibe actually let some pretty cool, special things happen organically.

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  • Oh my god that just looks like so much fun. Ice cream truck? Yes. Feet in the pool? Yes. Adorable smiling lobster bib pictures? yes yes yes yes.

    Best to you both

  • One More Sara

    My fiancé’s grandmother made a huge bridal bib (out of a white bath towel!). So far it has been used by my future SIL and one of their cousins. I’m weirdly excited about wearing it because our dinner involves some red sauce (which I was a bit terrified about at first, until I remembered the bib! huzzah!)

    But back to your wedding… in all these pictures you can just feel the love oozing out of them. Awesome!

  • This song goes perfectly with your photographs, like a memory. Lovely wedding! Congratulations, and thank you so much for sharing.

  • Lauren H

    I loved every.single.picture. I’m currently struggling between a small, backyard wedding (Boston area) and a huge bash in Minneapolis. A bit torn, but this was a great representation of how perfect the small, relaxed wedding could be. Thanks for sharing- it all looks fantastic!

  • Ana

    I want to put my feet in the pool! Beautiful wedding, I am jealous (reminded of the post earlier this week about not being able to have ALL THE WEDDINGS).

    • KB

      And I want one of those lobsters – YUM!!!!

    • Sam

      Ugh. That line struck me too. And I am reminded of it with every wedding I look at. This is a beautiful representation of the intimate gathering. BUT that is not going to be mine. As much as I tried.

      Oh and LOBSTER?! Oh!! To be an east coaster! Congrats to you both!

  • Class of 1980

    This looks happy. Also, your grandma makes a mean veil. Gorgeous!

  • This was a beautiful wedding! I love the causal, relaxed, come as you are feel.

  • How beautiful!! I love that everyone was hanging out with their feet in the pool. And that veil!!

    Congratulations. :)

  • That veil is stunning. The dress is beautiful too, but the veil is just WOW.

    Also, just from looking at the pictures I wish I’d been at your wedding. It looks like a pretty amazing time was had by all and I love the atmosphere of actually being at home.

  • That VEIL! Swoon!

  • I just worked with Monica from Hart and Sol East and she’s the Absolute Best. (Well, Maddie at Hart and Sol West matches her bestness, but this is obvious). She’s not only an incredible photographer, but is *lovely*. I’m super sad I have to live on the opposite coast from her. Great work, Monica!

    • Robin

      She is amazing! She really captured the spirit of our day so well, and her presence was so calming. I was so nervous! I felt like she was family. Love, love, love hart+sol!