Is It a Bad Idea to Do Your Own Wedding Makeup?

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Q:I’m trying to figure out if I should do my own makeup for our wedding. My wedding planning is well underway, and we’re so thrilled! My dress is fab—I honestly can’t wait to walk down the aisle in it. My only problem is my makeup.

Originally, I planned on hiring someone to come do my makeup, but unfortunately, after our first consultation, I didn’t love what she did for me, and I hated that I wouldn’t have anything on hand for me to touch up during the wedding. And I know there will be tears!

I don’t do full-on wedding makeup on a regular basis of course, but I’m comfortable with drawing on my brows, getting that highlight poppin’, and all the good stuff, but I still can’t decide if I should take the plunge and do my own makeup on my wedding day.

Did you do your own makeup? What did you love most about it? What didn’t you? How would you have done it better?

If you want the APW community’s two cents, send it to QUESTIONS AT APRACTICALWEDDING DOT COM, and we’ll do our best to crowdsource you some answers!

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