A Casual, DIY Wedding in South Carolina

Joy, personified.

Alice, Teaching Assistant at a Montessori Preschool & David, Financial Consultant

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: Casual, fun, and full of friends, family, and lots and lots of love.

Soundtrack for reading: “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Other Cool Stuff We Should Know About

The canvas flags, place cards, and chalkboard were all done by Alice. Alice’s older brother Rad was the officiant for the ceremony. David’s family is all from Switzerland and flew over for the wedding, his grandfather gave a speech in French. Alice had four bridesmaids and three bridesmen.

Favorite Thing About the Wedding

Having everyone we love in one place. And that after three days of rain, the weather showed up for us, and it was an absolutely beautiful day. We’re thinking we had some good karma saved up.

The Info:

Photographer: Elicia Bryan | Location: Mount Pleasant, SC | Venue: The Pavilion at Patriot’s Point | Alice’s Dress: Elizabeth Dye dress found at The Sentimentalist in Atlanta, belt was found there as well | David’s Attire: J.Crew | Flower Boy’s Bow Tie and Suspenders: Etsy | Mother of the Bride Dress: Free People | Bridesmaid Floral Robes: The Paisley Box

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  • Erin

    So charming- absolutely beautiful. Congratulations!!

  • Alison O

    Mother of the bride dress—awesome choice

    • Jackie

      Thank you. Alice and I looked in tons of stores in Atlanta and Charleston with no luck. Finally, she went online, ordered this dress from Free People and we went for it. It came in the mail in a flat envelope! It was really comfortable and fit the mood of our casual wedding.

  • sara g

    That first look is beautiful!! Lovely photos!

    I’m hoping we have the same weather karma as you… the current forecast isn’t looking good. Fingers crossed!

  • Amanda

    I ADORE your dress. Stunning.

  • Nell

    OMG your dress! OMG your hair! How did you get your curls to stay so curly despite (what I assume) is some mighty SC humidity?

    • Alice

      Lots and lots of hairspray!!! And I my hair is naturally curly so it takes curl amazingly well.

  • Kate

    I cried looking through these photos. I guess that’s a testament to your photographer – catching such touching moments! Looks like a beautiful wedding :)

    • Elicia

      Thanks so much for the sweet compliment, Kate!

  • Rose

    Beautiful! I love the orange bouquets! And the hanging flowers as the backdrop, they look wonderful!

  • macrain

    I think my favorite thing about this is that the bride has the biggest, happiest, most beautiful smile in so many pics. The joy in these pictures is amazing.

    • Elicia

      I couldn’t agree more! Everyone was so, so genuinely happy all day. So honored to have been a part of it!

  • Hannah

    Gorgeous dress! Also, Yay Mt Pleasant, SC!

  • Guest

    I just tried on that dress last week and loved it! Seeing it in a real wedding makes me love it even more :)

  • Sarah McClelland

    So much happy. I love the flowers and the homegrown spirit of everything.

  • Kara Davies

    Oh, this wedding is stunning! The groom’s reaction to her walking down the aisle…. *swoon*

  • Kate Omega

    Oh that smile!

  • Stacy {Woodsy Weddings}

    The bride is so beautiful, I love the pure goy on her face the entire wedding. Those mason jars with flowers over the altar are a nice tough, too!

  • Kim Hart

    Who made the cake? It’s beautiful!