Do Not Lose Sight Of The Goal

Go read this right now. I was crying by the end. True and smart and exactly how I feel. This is why we get married, not for the matching stationary or the dress or even for the really fun party.

Eyes on the prize.

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  • That was great. Thank you.

  • K

    “When you dip me, you don’t drop me.”

    Priceless. :)

  • vanessa

    ahh boy. Love. *sigh*

    I was definitely tearing up at number 40. so sweet.

  • So beautiful. I like “You are snuggly.” That’s one of my favorite things about my boyfriend :)

  • Hey K, I picked out the same one — “33. When you dip me, I know you won’t drop me.”

    Love it!

  • K

    Perhaps you have a husband who doesn’t drop you either, Ms. Green? :)

  • This is the best :)