Do We Have To Stream Our Wedding Since We Cut Our Guest List?

File this under: Pandemic Problems

Q: Hi APW,

Pandemic couple here. After pushing back our Big Wedding more times than we care to admit, we’ve finally decided to scrap our original plans for our 100 person wedding and we’re going to having a small wedding in our yard with immediate family only.

The caveat here is that we REALLY don’t want a Zoom wedding and this is where we’re running into trouble. We have a huge, tight-knit friend circle that won’t be there IRL and feelings are seriously hurt. (We do plan on eventually throwing a vow renewal or anniversary party when we can safely gather again.)

Should we cave and add a Zoom element to our wedding day to save these hurt feelings in the long run? We don’t want to let down the folx that matter most to us (outside of our immediate families). Help!!

—STILL Not Married

Are Zoom weddings just expected to happen these days? Any advice on how this couple can talk to their nearest and dearest? Give us your two cents in the comments, we’re all ears.

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