Dress, Given VI

I can’t believe we’re on our 6th dress giveaway already. Geeze. You guys. And we have another one next week. Sigh.

OK! So, the amazing Rachel/ Dday, and I, and *you* via your adorable  and unexpected “exactly!” votes, have all decided that Rachel’s hot-as-hell wedding dress should go to Jenn, who said:

Yay for NoVa weddings!! My heart stopped for a second when I saw that you are in Fairfax and giving away this beautiful dress. I would really love to be considered, the silhouette is exactly what I was looking for, and I am indeed looking to show off a curvy bottom!

My fiance is also in the middle of graduate school, and I am planning the wedding (at the moment) long distance from London – in a few short weeks I will be home in Oakton, facing the not so joyous position of being an unemployed architect. Luckily I am able to move back in with my parents for the time being, but suffice it to say there isn’t much of a budget for a dress.

Regardless of whom you choose to give your dress to, I think this is just another example for me of how lucky I am to have found APW – people are so generous with so much more than just wise advice (as if that wasn’t enough.) Thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding!

Indeed. So I think I speak for all of us: Rachel, Team Practical, and me when I say, Jenn, we wish you as much joy as Rachel had in her dress, and as much dancing, with ALL of our love.

And you better come back as a wedding graduate, yeah? Email me and we’ll make the magic happen.

PS I finally tagged all the dress giveaway magic with the title uniform ally bestowed upon the project by the recipients: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress.

Photos by Bong Lee of Bisou Photography

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  • jolynn

    <3 the new title.

  • yay and awesome.

  • kahlia

    Yay! Congratulations!
    This is such a great thing to do, thanks to everyone who participates!

  • Jenn

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! to Rachel, to Meg, to everyone who reads this blog. You are all amazing, I feel so grateful to be a part of this group of women, and I can’t wait to share a graduate post! unfortunately i will have to wait, as the wedding is not for a while… but this is amazing!

    I hope to be able to pass this dress on to another member of the community when it has finished sharing joy and some serious dancing at my own wedding :)

    Rachel, thank you so, so much. I hope you will let me treat you to a coffee, or we can head over to that bar you enjoyed on your day (Auld Shebeen? Haven’t been to downtown Fairfax in a while) and let me thank you in person!

    • ddayporter

      yeah, we’ll save on shipping that way! and, you know, it would be awesome to meet you. :) it was actually the Firehouse Grill or something like that, but we could go there or auld shebeen, whichever! I live in Arlington but I would be happy to have the excuse to get a peak at Old Town Hall again. ……..would it be crazy to ask if anyone else in the Fairfax area would like to join us?? please reply here if you want in on the meet-up time/place.

      Jenn, I guess you email Meg and she puts you in touch with me? For some reason I feel weird posting my email address here.

      • IRMCK

        I love how you call it the Fairfax area instead of the DC area. But as long as I wouldn’t be crashing your wedding-dress date, I’d love to meet you guys!

        • ddayporter

          hahah yeah I mean anyone in the DC area is also welcome but Fairfax is kind of a hike from DC with the traffic, so I figure only Fairfaxians would actually want to come. anybody Wants to come down from anywhere, I wouldn’t discourage you! IRMCK, we’ll see if anyone else responds and then we’ll figure out how to get to the word out.

          • Kayakgirl73

            I’d love a Fairfax /DC meet up. I just moved to Oakton from Montgomery county and I only know my husband’s friends.

        • ddayporter

          OK on the off-chance anyone is checking back on this, Jenn and I are meeting up at Firehouse Grill in Fairfax, VA this Saturday, 7/17 at 3pm! sorry for short notice, we just nailed down the details.

      • Jenn

        I have emailed Meg :) I once posted my email on the comments without thinking… hopefully, it all works out ok, it certainly did that time :)

        I get back to VA in June – I’d love to meet up with anyone in the area! I live in Oakton…close enough :) One thing I had blissfully forgotten about and am not looking forward to experiencing again – traffic!

        • stacie

          I live in Falls Church–count me in whenever this meet-up happens!

          • Sevillalost

            Congrats Jenn! And if the DC/Fairfax-area Team Practical meetup is truly going to become a reality, and if I’m back in the country by then, I’d love to be part of it! You ladies rock so hard on the internet, I can only imagine how cool you all are in person! :)

  • Alyssa

    YAY Jenn!! I can’t wait to see pics of you boogieing your booty off!

    • Jenn

      Thanks so much :)

  • I gotta say, I’ve been thinking that I’d sell my dress after I get married (I actually almost typed “graduated”, heh), but all these posts have me thinking that I should send it off into the sisterhood. One women’s giant taffeta closet-stuffer is another women’s dream come true! Thanks, Meg, for making this happen.

  • Meg, this is only tangentially related to the dress giveaway, but I couldn’t think of a better place to leave it. Your wedding dress giveaways kick total ass, and I just might join the fray when my nuptials have come and gone. I was wondering if there might be any way APW could help this fabulous community hook each other up with other wedding goodies–either a marketplace or a free-for-all place to post things we used at our own celebrations and would like to pass along. I understand if it’s way too big an undertaking, but wanted to toss it into the ring.

    And thank you for helping me get my head on straight re/ wedding nonsense. I don’t think I’ve felt stressed since I’ve found your blog. You’ve taught me the art of, Hey, we don’t care about that, so f*ck it! xoxo

    • ddayporter

      there is actually already a place like that called Brideshare, I Think started by the BrokeAss Bride? which seems to be pretty cool. I have a profile there but haven’t gotten around to actually passing any of my wedding stuff along. http://brideshare.net/

  • Yay! Congratulations!

  • Meg P

    So glad to have found the kind of community where people *give* their wedding dress to someone else, it’s a truly beautiful thing to do. Thanks to all those graduates for being so generous! My dress is vintage (or secondhand ha ha!) and it feels so special to think I am going to wear a dress that has a history. I think it also reflects that a lot of us are more concerned about the marriage than the dress, which is just a symbol of something so much bigger.

    • meg

      Oh honey, you notice I’m not giving away my vintage dress ;) Some of us end up with more emotions tied to the dress than others, I ended up with a TON of emotion tied to my $250 dress. I don’t care if it’s never worn again, I just want it near me.

      By which I mean to say, I think it’s wonderful and perfect that some of us want to pass on our dresses and some of us don’t. And you never really know till after the wedding, I think.

  • Wow I think that it is so eco cool to pass on your wedding dress to another bride. What a wonderful thing to do and congrats to all the blushing bride to be ..Enjoy and all the best to you all!

  • Kelly

    Hi! I am new over to the wonderful APW but I am in DC and would love to get together with other brides/recently married in the area! And how awesome to give away such a beautiful gown :)

    • Just to let people know in case they want to join, Rachel and I will be meeting at Firehouse Grille in Fairfax on Saturday, July 17th. Anyone who wants to meet up is very welcome!