Dress, Given XII

After this morning’s post, I thought we all could use a really direct example of spreading love around the world, and how our interconnectedness is a beautiful thing. So I’m delighted to pass on Drea’s beutiful, last minute dress to Andee. Drea asked us how to choose a recipient, and we said to follow her gut, and she did. I think you’ll agree she picked exactly the right person.

Hi Drea and all the APW Readers!
I would LOVE to be considered for this dress. I’m in a bit of a dress mess if you will. I can’t fathom spending anything more than $150 on a dress I will wear only once. I also want a short dress because we are getting married outside on a mountain side. I don’t wear long dresses in my everyday life and I’m not fuffy. We are going for a vintage feel, and this dress felt very vintagy. I previously purchased a dress for $30, and called it good. I’ve lost some weight and I can’t get it to fit properly now and I’m debating how much do I struggle at fixing it before I just look for something else. Also my Mom saw the dress for the first time this weekend, and she hated it. She didn’t say she hated it but I could tell. More to the point I broke down in a hardware store while getting parts to fix my toilet with my fiance. He comforted me and held me while I cried in the hardware store because my Mom didn’t like my wedding dress. This is hands down my favorite memory from wedding planning so far. My fiance is so kind and generous that I realized it doesn’t matter one bit what I wear. So if this dress needs a home where it will be appreciated but not idolized – I’m your girl! I would of course pass the dress along after I wear it! Congrats on your baby!

So Andee, email me! We’ll put you in touch with Drea and make the magic happen. And we can’t wait to see you in the dress as a wedding graduate (pretty please?)

And one final note: Anne’s dress didn’t find a home on APW, so she’s donating it to Brides Against Breast Cancer. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress takes many forms, all of them wonderful.

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