Dress, Offered V

Michelle’s wedding is coming up tomorrow, and you’re going to love it. Warm, full of family, full of love. But today Michelle is giving away her dress to another member of Team Practical. I love it when you guys do this for each other*. Michelle’s dress is on the traditional side, but it’s also simple, which you know I love. It’s got a train for days, when you could keep or alter. Michelle says this in her email to me:“It’s a size 8, I didn’t have it altered at all except to add a bustle. I’m 5’8″ and wore 2” heels, so it’s pretty long. I’ll include the slip if anyone wants it, although I want to keep the veil. It is pretty dirty** so it’ll need to be cleaned. Josh and I had been talking about getting married for a while when my college roommate got engaged. I went with her to the Filene’s Basement running of the brides in Boston, just to help her out because it can get so crazy. I found this dress for $250 and bought it that day. We got engaged a few months later and I finally got to wear it this past weekend.”So. The giveaway works the way it always does. Leave a comment about why you’d love to wear this dress in the comments. The recipient pays for the shipping, and after the wedding should email Michelle a picture of themselves full of joy in the dress. And as always, I’d love if you considered sending me a picture too (because all of us want to see it). Comments will stay open for a week, or until the recipient becomes really obvious.

Thank you, for all being so kind to each other.


*I try to limit the dress trades to about one a month, so I can’t do all of them I get, sigh. I usually do them in conjunction with a real wedding or wedding graduate post, if you’re pondering passing your dress along.
**That’s when you know it’s been loved *properly.* Eff this ‘Princesses keep their dresses spotless’ stuff.

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