Dress, Offered VII

Ok. So. For this particular version of Dress Offered, we’re asking you to use your imagination a little to find this dress the right home. Why? Well, April ended up with two dresses, and the one she’s grinning in here:

Is not the one she’s giving away. The one she’s giving away is GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS, and it’s a size 12 not a size 4 (yeah!) But the only pictures we have of it are of an awful gloom and doom skinny as hell model glowering in it. But it really really needs a good Team Practical home, so that the next time we see it, one of you guys will be in it grinning your head off. Here is the (lovely) dress:

And here is what April has to say on the subject:

It’s OK if you end up with two dresses. (Nota bene: I’m not advocating multiple couture outfits for the ceremony AND reception here.) My first gown was a total pressure sale, and a few months before the wedding, I came across my affordable fantasy frock at – surprise! – David’s Bridal. And I LUUURVED wearing it. But Dress #1 needs a sweet bride to love it and wear it well and I would much rather gift it to someone in the APW community than haggle for a price on eBAY. It’s brand new (apart from being tried on a dozen or so times).

OK, here’s the designer website pic which sort of blows chunks cuz the model weighs like one pound but I haven’t any others. The dress is a bridal size 12 and has never been altered. My measurements are 36D/30w/39h and I’m 5’6″, and the dress is long enough for a person who is 5’8″ to wear with a 2 inch heel. It will fit a curvy gal, or even someone who is more slender and tall (although alterations will be required). Color: light ivory. The dress has a beaded French lace bodice with gold thread-work, and a duppioni silk sash. The long tails of the sash in the back are detachable. I’m so excited to offer it! I think gifting the gown is truly meant to be.

So, which of you is the lucky lady who is the next recipient of The Sisterhood of The Traveling Dress? The normal rules apply – leave a message for April as to why you’d like to receive this dress. April will pick the recipient (with perhaps some lobbying by me, achem). The recipient pays postage, and sends April a picture of her grinning her head off in the dress. And HOPEFULLY sends all of us a grad post. Because we need to see this dress in it’s new home.

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