Dress, Offered VII

Ok. So. For this particular version of Dress Offered, we’re asking you to use your imagination a little to find this dress the right home. Why? Well, April ended up with two dresses, and the one she’s grinning in here:

Is not the one she’s giving away. The one she’s giving away is GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS, and it’s a size 12 not a size 4 (yeah!) But the only pictures we have of it are of an awful gloom and doom skinny as hell model glowering in it. But it really really needs a good Team Practical home, so that the next time we see it, one of you guys will be in it grinning your head off. Here is the (lovely) dress:

And here is what April has to say on the subject:

It’s OK if you end up with two dresses. (Nota bene: I’m not advocating multiple couture outfits for the ceremony AND reception here.) My first gown was a total pressure sale, and a few months before the wedding, I came across my affordable fantasy frock at – surprise! – David’s Bridal. And I LUUURVED wearing it. But Dress #1 needs a sweet bride to love it and wear it well and I would much rather gift it to someone in the APW community than haggle for a price on eBAY. It’s brand new (apart from being tried on a dozen or so times).

OK, here’s the designer website pic which sort of blows chunks cuz the model weighs like one pound but I haven’t any others. The dress is a bridal size 12 and has never been altered. My measurements are 36D/30w/39h and I’m 5’6″, and the dress is long enough for a person who is 5’8″ to wear with a 2 inch heel. It will fit a curvy gal, or even someone who is more slender and tall (although alterations will be required). Color: light ivory. The dress has a beaded French lace bodice with gold thread-work, and a duppioni silk sash. The long tails of the sash in the back are detachable. I’m so excited to offer it! I think gifting the gown is truly meant to be.

So, which of you is the lucky lady who is the next recipient of The Sisterhood of The Traveling Dress? The normal rules apply – leave a message for April as to why you’d like to receive this dress. April will pick the recipient (with perhaps some lobbying by me, achem). The recipient pays postage, and sends April a picture of her grinning her head off in the dress. And HOPEFULLY sends all of us a grad post. Because we need to see this dress in it’s new home.

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  • That is such a beautiful dress.

    I am getting married in January and to honest haven’t thought about what I will wear at all. Trey and I have had an interesting year so far and wedding planning has taken such a back seat to everything else going on! We were starting the house hunting process earlier this year when I lost my job- thankfully due to a little creativity I’ve been able to make ends meet and started my own consulting firm shortly thereafter.

    And now I’m happy to say we are closing on our house in less than one month and I couldn’t be more excited! Because we’ve bought a house and also decided to get married so soon thereafter, we’re learning about what is really important to us in terms of our wedding and getting our marriage started with a bang- prioritizing where to spend our $$$, etc.

    Hence, my lack of thought into a wedding dress. But this dress is so beautiful, and as a curvy slightly larger gal I’d love to be considered for it- thank you!

    • KD

      For the record, I wouldn’t call bridal size 12 “slightly larger”….? I’m pretty sure the stat is that the average US woman is a size 14 – so probably a 16 in bridal.

      • april

        I’m not gonna argue stats because frankly – I don’t know what the U.S. standard is and I kinda don’t care either. :-) But when I was gown shopping, the samples in EVERY wedding shop I went to only had dresses up to bridal size 10 (David’s Bridal being the only exception). I could NEVER fit into the sample gowns – and I’m a street size 8/10. After having seen scores of dresses in the 4-6-8 category on sites like preownedweddingdresses.com and oncewed.com, I’d say that a bridal 12 *is* a bit larger just in terms of what one normally finds out there when shopping.

        • I guess when I actually get the time and motivation to go look for a wedding dress *gulp* we’ll see what my experience ends up being as a 5’7 170 lb gal. I have heard too many horror stories on the internet that I’m a bit worried about not having anything actually in my size to try on.

      • meg

        Given that we’ve done a lot of size 4 giveaways recently, 12 is slightly larger. But here is the thing, I think like with budgets, when size numbers come out people start finger pointing. Which, no! We’re all the size we are. They are are bodies for goodness sakes, they get us places (like down the aisle) no one should judge us on them one way or the other. I’m a size 4. That’s just my healthy size, it’s not worthy of scorn or praise. So let’s not do the size comparison. Everyone who gives a dress is fantastically generous and awesome, size 4, 12, or 24.

  • This dress, in my size, makes me want to get married again. Alas, I’ll need to live vicariously through your lucky recipient. :-)

  • Sara

    Right now I have 2 dresses for my wedding (which is in 25 days!). I had a similar story to where my first dress just didn’t ever feel right. Thankfully the second one does! I look forward to being able to gift my extra dress in the near future. April’s dress is beautiful!

  • J

    I’m all set on a dress but DAMN, why are these models so damn pouty. Certainly doesn’t make me imagine myself in the dress…. on my wedding day…. grumpy.

    Maybe it’s because she’s wants to eat some french fries.

    • Melissa

      I kept looking at pictures of my Lela Rose wedding dress on the GROSS model and was about decided to get rid of it and get a new one, but then I finally saw a picture of the dress in my size on a mannequin. Not even a real person, a mannequin. It still looked better than the model. Models might look okay in eccentric couture no one is going to buy anyway but they make wedding dresses look like crap. Wedding dresses are for real women.

  • Who am I to say I deserve this dress more than any other woman that reads APW? In my mind we are all deserving of some wedding magic, so if this dress is my wedding magic, I will gladly accept it. In this dress I would feel beautiful and glamorous. I would look back on my wedding day and remember April, the dress and the blessings and happy vibes that was sent along with it. I can wear the dress and tell everyone at our wedding the amazing story of wedding graduates, APW, April and the wonderful things it does for me and others. Sure, we’re paying for a wedding ourselves, we’re going through some hefty life transitions with family, jobs, money etc… but who isn’t? Plus, I have this weird feeling that instead of me finding my dress, my dress will find me.

    So maybe this is it? :)

    Either way, the lucky gal who gets to wear this is going to have some wonderful wedding vibes to get down with! Hopefully there will be more size 12 dresses in future giveaways!

  • Amy

    Hi April!

    I’m getting married in 59 days (yup, I’ve reached the point where I’m counting down the days) and I seemingly have nothing to wear yet. A few months ago I made the tragic mistake of buying a gorgeous Nicole Miller evening gown that I am in love with — for the amazing clearance price of 71 bucks. Since it was a clearance sale, there was only 1 size available — a size too small for me to wear. I (stupidly? misguidedly?) bought it anyway thinking I could somehow figure out a way to cram my body into it over the next couple of months. It was only $71, after all! However, here we are less than 2 months from the wedding and the dress (of course) still doesn’t fit. I’m a little heartbroken because I really do love the dress — but also exhausted by the idea that I have to now start looking for a new dress when I really kind of just want to coast into the wedding.

    We’ve also pretty much maxed out the limit of what we can spend for this wedding. (We’re paying for the whole wedding ourselves). We’re getting married in New York City, of all places, which I think is possibly the worst place on earth to get married on a budget.

    Throughout the getting hitched process, I’ve been patting myself on the back for all of my thrifty/practical decision-making. I thought that my $71 clearance dress was my biggest victory of all — until it became apparent that it was my biggest mistake. (Who knew I wouldn’t drop 2 dress sizes in three months? I know. Duh).

    Anyway, based on your measurements, I think I’m pretty much EXACTLY your height/size. And I think that dress is beyond gorgeous. I’d love to be the lucky lady who gets to wear it this July. Thanks for considering me!

    • Chelsea

      If you’re chosen for the dress, you should pay it forward by giving away the Nicole Miller! I love a good bargain, and combining a bargain with a dress give-away would just be too much wedding happiness. Since I already have a dress I really have no personal stake in this, but the thought of it happening makes me smile.

  • Megan

    I think I’m going to have to de-lurk for this one… This dress is beautiful and just the style I want (a mermaid shape that’s not strapless, hallelujah!). I’m even the same measurements as April, right down to the height. I already bought a cream colored prom dress on clearance to wear because I had kinda given up on finding the style I wanted in my price range, but I’d much rather rock this beautiful dress.

    I would be honored to wear April’s dress on my wedding day if I’m chosen as the lucky girl.

  • Kamilah

    Wedding dress Size 12? (check)
    NEED a wedding dress ?(check)
    WANT a dress with lace and that’s not white? (check)
    Got curves for days?(check)

    What can I say? I don’t have a special case. Like many of us on this board, I have a small-town budget for a big city (NYC) wedding. My budget is really tiny because that’s what we can afford, and I have not yet found a dress that fits within my $250-300 dress budget. I do have a gorgeous rental dress on hold, but something about renting a wedding dress give me the hebeejebees; there are so many things that can go wrong in that scenario. Being gifted with this dress would be a blessing indeed! My wedding is in October.

    Thanks for your consideration!

    • J

      I am not one to promote ‘china wholesale’ or any other sites but anyone who is looking for a dress in the $200-$300 range, this is site has some seemingly lovely gowns for not a ridiculous amount of money…. http://www.lightinthebox.com/wholesale-Wedding-Apparel_c1180 – just a thought? I’ve seen a wedding recently where the bridesmaids wore gowns from here & they look fantastic in photos, so could be a good place to look?

  • Hi April,

    I’m still new to this blog (I stumbled upon it last week) & I’m amazed by all the goodness it entails. Seemingly, it gets better & better- there are gorgeous dress giveaways too! Wow. I’m a wedding planner & wedding boutique owner (invitations & such, not dresses) who is planning our winter wedding in January with my fiance. Last year, along with so many other small businesses, I took a big hit. I spent much of my own money just to keep my baby (aka my business) alive. It was well worth it but now I have little to spend on my own wedding. I have put off dress shopping for so long because I don’t know of many salons that cater to my small budget. & your dress is just stunning & magical . . . I can envision myself wearing it with a big, bright smile as I marry my love & begin our journey of life together.

    Good luck choosing, April. All of these lovely ladies are so deserving!!!

  • Emily

    Meg, April, and APW,

    I love these dress giveaways and everything they represent. I don’t need a dress, just wanted to thank you all for your generosity and common sense. Makes me feel good!

  • aroundthewaygirl

    holy cow, this dress is amazing! ive very recently got engaged and very quickly had my bubble burst by the realities of wedding planning in NYC. however, in reading the replies i will gracefully bow out and wish these lovely and deserving ladies much luck. hopefully, the one bestowed this blessing will reoffer this dress back to the community one day.

    anyway, i just wanted to say that the Sisterhood of the Travelling Dress is pretty damned awesome and im happy to join this community.

  • Kristen

    I don’t understand either why so often they have the models look like right b****es in the pictures. It’s so strange. “Buy this dress! It will make you make this mean face!”

    • KD

      Ugh, and what’s with so many brides/bridemaids hunching over in pictures… is it the hunger pains?

      • KD

        and by brides/bridesmaids I meant 16 year old models pretending to be…

  • Erin

    I really love the SotTD. It makes me wish there were dresses to give away to everyone!!!

  • September Bride

    That settles it. I am definitely gifting my dress via APW. I can’t believe the love and support in the room right now.

    Also, ladies, look around – there are so many more of us who scramble over a gorgeous size 12 than some of the smaller dresses. NOT that there is ANYTHING wrong with being a smaller size, but this is a great forum for us to realize that NORMAL is not a two-lb., cranky model. I think we all need a healthy dose of that reality now and again, especially when wedding planning. :o)

    Good luck, April. You have a hard decision here.

  • Liz K

    Not often that I de-lurk here, but just had to say that I too love these posts and the “love in the room”.

    April – your wedding was just so heartwarming. The joy everyone felt that day is so evident on the (amazing!) photos by One Love. I wish you two all the best. One question though – who is the designer of your giveaway dress? I think there are many deserving ladies out there and don’t want to throw my name in to the mix, but this gown captivates me and I’d like to seek it out for an in-person look-see.

    • april

      Thank you, Liz! I totally spaced off putting the designer info in the post. Oopsie! It’s by Casablanca and I purchased it in Fall 2007 so it is several seasons “old”, and probably not likely to be found in shops now.

      • Liz K

        All good to know even if it’s “old” by someone’s standards – still looks great to me!

      • Didn’t see this until I posted mine.

        FYI, the Casablanca I bought is actually from 2006. They don’t discontinue their styles (or so I’m told), and I can see why – they’re all very classic.

        • Liz K

          Yep – found this right away on their site, #1873.

  • Is this a Casablanca dress? I recognize the backdrop and the pouty miserable model. I have 1827, but if this had been available to try on … mmmm … I dunno. I love it! I’m tempted throw my hat in, but I already have a dress (which I do like very much), and this is a little too big, though not too big that I couldn’t alter it without ruining it, but, well, I already have a dress. I do LOVE the silhouette of this one!

    OK OK I’ll stop.

    The point of my comment is, my dress is not NEARLY as nice looking on the website as it is on/in person. I’ve actually heard this is a problem with ALL of the images on Casablanca’s website. Soooo, this means that this dress looks even more gorgeous in person!

  • Okay. First of all, I have a sneaking suspicion that this might get really unnecessarily long, so I apologize in advance.

    When I saw this post this morning, it stopped me dead in my tracks. Oh. my. goodness. that. dress.

    See, the thing is.. in a lot of ways I should not be asking for the dress. I have railed against the whole concept of Wedding. I’m not religious, so to me, weddings kind of feel like this long list of you-must-do’s, each one with a over-inflated price tag attached. It’s supposed to be about the marriage, right? And a celebration of the marriage? And my fiancée has this huge, close family and the thought of planning out all the details of a wedding for that many people makes me exceedingly nervous, so my solution was to have a super tiny, immediate family only wedding and then a week later, throw a huge party for everyone. Then the logistics of throwing a big party got the better of us (read: we couldn’t pin down a location that we liked) and we decided that we should delay the reception till October, but still get married at the same time we were planning. Which is in less than three weeks (see above, not exactly practical for me to be asking for this dress).

    And I’ve already found a dress, a kick ass dress. Not a wedding dress but really I have done absolutely zero wedding dress searching because wearing a real honest to god wedding dress didn’t fit in with The Plan. But the dress I found is $300 and even though it’s returnable, I’m not sure that I can bear to part with it. Even though that’s effing nuts… keeping a dress that cost that much money just for fun. See above, not a good candidate for this dress.


    When I look at this dress, my anti-wedding stamina melts. I want to walk down the aisle, I want to hold flowers. The thought of wearing this dress makes me want to spend thousands of dollars on an amazing photographer (sooo not in the budget in reality). I want to leave the wedding with my new husband and I’s loved ones waving sparklers. I think about wearing this dress, and my heart starts pounding. It would turn all my careful not-a-wedding plans upside down. I love it beyond all reason and logic.

    It’s not sensible for me to be asking for the dress, and it probably wouldn’t be sensible for you to give it to me, but oh my holy hell, that dress.

    ps- It is my size.

    pps- In case the whole getting-married-in-three-weeks seems like a disqualifier.. I should probably add that we haven’t actually done anything that binds us to that particular weekend, besides telling my parents and brothers so that they can ask for the day off from work. The plan is to have a Justice of the Peace (or possibly a retired judge) come to our house for the ceremony, then we and our 15 family members will go to wine and tapas bar afterwards for dinner. And also? We haven’t bought the rings yet, so that could potentially be something that delays when the wedding happens anyway.

  • agirlcalledred

    Oooh this is just lovely! I’m actually making my dress, so wont put my name into the mix – just wanted to comment on the style.

    I went through the terror that is bridal stores a few months back and came out emply handed (minus a few bucks too). I have very similar measurements to April and the store workers seemed to think that the only style I could wear was poofy ball room dresses “to balance out your bust and hide your hips”. Pfffft!

    It’s so good to see all of your curvy girls jumping on this dress, because it’s sleek lines will look gorgeous hugging the hips of whoever gets it!

  • Tanya

    I feel like I have no right to be posting for this dress– because it would be *my* second dress– but I made a critical mistake. In order to get a dress that fit my budget, I picked a dress at a sample sale (at 90% off!) last year, just after I’d gotten back from working in Nigeria. However, as I should have predicted, I’ve since gained weight since returning– to new measurements of 34DD, 29, 39– leaving no room for my curves in the dress I already have. As part of my self-esteem maintenance, I try to make a point of fitting my clothing to my body, not my body to my clothes– so long as I eat and exercise reasonably, of course– and that philosophy just won’t cut it with my current dress and my August wedding date. And your dress– it’s perfect. It’s everything I loved in my first dress- not white, not too plain but not overly embellished, and not poofy– plus everything I wanted but gave up on finding– a sash, lace, and buttons. Oh! The buttons. So, I’d love to be considered for it– and promise to reoffer it after my wedding. Thank you so much, regardless, for offering it. It’s a beautiful gift and so nice to know that it comes with the memories of a happy, generous-hearted bride.

  • Appreciate this dress give away very much as I am a plus size woman who reads your blog religiously. I have a dress but I wish I wore size 12 just be able to flaunt that dress because it is FIRE!

    On another note, why is there so much disdain for David’s Bridal in the blogosphere..is there some shame in getting a dress there because it’s a chain?? I’m just curious. They are one of the few bridal stores that have some variety of plus size styles and don’t fat shame you for wanting to look nice on your wedding day.

    • meg

      I have mixed feelings about them. They are some of the nicest people to buy from, honestly. They let you take pictures, they don’t give a shit, they cater to all sizes. But then again, they are NUTS. Have you gotten on your email list? You will **never** get off. And the kind of wedding they are trying to sell, well, hum. I wrote about my experience there back in the day, and in the end, I think I just felt like wedding Barbie there. So. That was me. But I didn’t buy a wedding dress in the end.

      But man, we’ve seen one of their retro mother of the bride dresses twice on APW brides, rocking it OUT.

    • Kristen

      And a lot of people have had decent shopping experiences (minus the spam) but the follow-through has been the disaster. Alterations problems, delays, etc. So maybe if you go into it with your eyes wide open it isn’t so bad. They can be really affordable, though. Or just keep looking until you find a store you like. Let us know where you are and maybe we can think of some stores that are actually good.

      • april

        My experience was similar: the follow-thru at David’s was horrid. This may be due to the fact they hire high school-age kids as “associates”. BUT: I purchased a dress; off-the-rack; at a seriously – SERIOUSLY deep discount because I walked in, tried it on, and plunked down my cash; and it was what I wanted. BAM. Done. Now – trying to actually *get* my dress after puchase – whole ‘nutha story. But get it I did (rescue more like it), and took it to a lovely seamstress I found who worked magic on it for a pittance. In the end, I was super happy. But yeah – not exactly a stress-free experience overall.

    • Chelsea

      I’ve had great experiences with getting bridesmaids dresses there – since there are David’s everywhere it was easy for the girls to order the dress, and two of my bridesmaids have gained or lost weight and exchanged them for a different size with no problem (a couple of years ago, one of my cousins bought her wedding dress there, lost a bunch of weight, and they even let her exchange that!). Plus, as far as bridesmaids dresses go, they’re inexpensive, and they often have a million styles in the same color, which is awesome if you have girls with different tastes/styles/shapes.

      And although I didn’t buy my wedding dress there, it was great in the beginning to be able to go and pull dresses off of the racks and try on every sort of style. I really appreciated being able to try on everything from a mermaid to a ballgown without an associate breathing down my neck and making me feel like I was wasting her time by wanting to see what felt right.

      So while I didn’t have much love for David’s in the beginning (I think I once referred to it as the Walmart of weddings), I have a newfound appreciation, and I think that using them will end up being one of those perfectly pragmatic, but not emotionally fulfilling, decisions.

  • i already got married the first of this month, but if i hadn’t, i’d be all over this giveaway. the dress rocks. i love it.

  • Mary

    I am thrilled to be a reader of this website. April’s generosity, and the generosity of others here in this little community is refreshingly healthy! I can’t wear your dress, April. It would be too small and it’s not quite right for me. But I’m sure it IS stunning and I’m sure you are about to make someone very, very happy. Kudos, girl!

    I’m the ‘older’ bride that pops in from time to time. I am getting married on October 2nd and honestly have not given a thought to what I am wearing that day. When people ask me, I just smile and shrug my shoulders. I honestly do not know. But, I bet I’m going to have some fun toward the end of the summer when I stop shrugging and start running…..all over this town trying to find something beautiful and mary-like to wear on our special day!! *smile*

    • meg

      I didn’t know what I was wearing till 3 weeks before. And pssshhhawwww, you’re not even close to the only older bride.

    • Elizabeth

      Mary – I’m 43 and just got married 6 mths ago – you’re not alone in the “older bride” category. I’m also pretty far from a twiggy – if a bridal 12 worked for me I’d be beyond ecstatic! :-) I’m in the 14/16 street range so the bridal equivalents are 18/20. I’ve been debating whether there’s a way to donate my dress without having to be too graphic about my size. I LOVED my dress and it was very flattering on a rubenesque figure. Maybe we’ll get some feedback here about how many gals might be ISO something on the more zaftig scale…

  • As exciting as it is to have such a lovely dress listed in my size… I am making my dress. And I have a whoooole lot of time to do it. Personally, I’m really happy to not have to accommodate cookie-cutter sizing at bridal boutiques and the inevitable alteration process afterward.
    Can’t wait to see who wins!

  • Oh, how much I want to throw my hat into this contest. It’s my size. It’s beautiful. I would rock the curves of that mermaid dress. It’s not white. But stilI had a miserable, miserable (did I mention miserable?) experience attempting to shop for a dress at a bridal salon. I so hope this beautiful dress goes to someone who will love it!

    I don’t live near my family and my closest friends are as busy as I am between full-time work and raising children, so I was pretty much on my own when it came to shopping for a dress. But I hate shopping solo. Hate it. I made my appointment with the first salon, and the woman fawned all over me to do a hard sell on an over-priced floor model of a grecian-style bridesmaid’s dress in ivory. Her inventory was low and grungy, and I left there in a hurry.

    I made another appointment with a different salon. When I made the appointment, I let them know exactly what I was looking for, and what size I was. I was assured they were ready and expecting me. They even sent me a confirmation email. When I arrived as my mid-30s size 12 self without a bevvy of gushing pretty bridesmaids and mothers in tow (in other words, looking like this was not going to be the commission of the year), I got the sort of treatment you hear the horror stories about. It took me about 15 minutes to get someone’s attention. I explained that I had an appointment and what I was looking for and the collections that they advertised on their website that interested me. A bridal “consultant” took me to a back room and showed me a few bland bridesmaids dresses in a size 4 — the only size they carry for try-ons. Their only non-princess gowns were again a grungy blah mess. She took me back to a small dressing room that was clearly the rooms they use for their bridesmaids and not their brides. She hung a few dresses on the hook and suggested that I hold them in front of me to see if I wanted to buy one in my size. And then she left, to be of actual assistance for the young bride standing on the pedestal in the middle of the giant mirrored bride’s room I had to walk past to get to the dimly lit curtained room the saleswoman put me in.

    When I rejected those dresses, I went looking for the saleswoman again. No such luck. Five minutes later, another saleswoman comes over to me and introduces herself. I had been pawned off on another hapless saleswoman. She started to look through their racks, and then looked at me with her arched brow, leaned in close and said “I hear your on a…” then, I shit you not, she actually whispered this part, “budget?”

    When I said yes, she again took me back to the bridesmaids dresses and dropped me off there. So I left. I found my fiance, whom I had dragged along for company but who quickly begged off and went to find a snack, walking along the sidewalk and we went over to the hardware store where I played with power tools and I munched on popcorn until I felt better. I dragged him to the mall and picked out a standard-issue off-the-rack evening dress (it’s a dark blue) on an impulse purchase. It’s not remotely weddingy. When I picked it out, I loved it because it was so clearly not a wedding dress that I felt like me in it and not a bride, but now that we’re really in the thick of the wedding planning, I am starting to regret my dress choice. It’s a beautiful dark blue dress, and I will have plenty of opportunities to wear it. But it’s not a wedding dress, and if I had been treated better at the bridal salon, I would have found something that made me feel not just like myself, but also like a bride.

    • Kristen

      Try again.Start with reading the reviews of the shops but take them all with a grain of salt. All you can do is to take your best guess at stores and to go and commit to running the show. Sometimes I have a hard time being assertive and at those times, just repeat to yourself, “I’m income, she (or he) is overhead.” You’re there to do them the favor of giving them your business and if they want it, they can play by your rules. Don’t let them get you down. I recently went back to a shop I had had a good experience with and ran into a new consultant who was going to make me have one of the three dresses I had written down from before. That’s when I realized that sometimes, vendors really force you to be assertive. Go again. I think it will be good for you to either triumph over snotty consultants or to find a good consultant who will actually prove that there are some good ones.

  • Nina

    My reasons for wanting this dress are the following:
    1. It’s gorgeous.
    2. I have almost identical measurements to April.
    3. The waist detail! Every gown in my “dresses I love” folder have a waist detail like this one.
    4. I was just planning on buying a pretty dress off the rack at some department store. When I told my mom, she laughed, but then very seriously requested that I wear a “real” wedding dress (her ONLY request throughout this entire planning process, bless her heart). Then she said she wanted to buy it for me. Thing is, though, that my mom doesn’t have any money. I struggle to get by each month, but I figure it’s normal for a 20-something working for a non-profit…and it is. Except I make more money than my mom, who doesn’t have much in savings (I won’t get into those reasons). She’s already going to have to pay to fly to and stay in my new homestate for the wedding. With this dress, I’ll be able to accommodate her only request and save her some money.

    …AND look fabulous!!!

    • Richie

      Sorry to jump in everybody but Nina left the blog open and, as Nina’s fiancee, I sort of felt the need to respond.

      First of all, the dress is gorgeous! Nina would be lucky to have it and I’m sure it would look amazing on her. On to her post.

      Her mom is awesome and has a huge heart. When I met her in December, I knew that right away. Like Nina mentioned, her mom’s only serious request for this wedding is that she buy Nina a “real” wedding dress. Unfortunately, money is super tight, even tighter than it is for a 20-something working for a non-profit. On top of the dress, Nina’s mom is flying from California to Pennsylvania for our wedding and trying to help us out on top of that so Nina can have a wedding she can be proud of. I know it would definitely ease everybody’s mind if some of the expenses can be minimized a little bit and I know that Nina would give the dress a happy home before passing it on.

      Nina doesn’t know I’m posting this and hopefully she won’t mind.

      Best of lucky, everyone!

  • angela

    omg april – i can only imagine the joy of giving something like this away! good for you!

    i feel a little silly even entering my name for this, because i haven’t even gone dress-shopping or looking. hell, we can’t settle on a date yet, because we keep moving it up. (i finally cracked my fiance’s family of the “you need a year and a half to plan a wedding” mindset… thank god. we just want to get married, for pete’s sake.) but i’m just about april’s size, except for the bust. i’m lacking there. (thanks, mom.)

    so – regardless of who this dress goes to (and holy happy accessorizing to her!), i want to do this too! meg, can i give my someday dress away, say sometime this winter or next spring? ;]

  • April G.

    That dress is stunning. The lace, the sash, the shape, and everything make it my dream dress! Even the size is right, though I’m quite a bit shorter than you! My fiance and I are both grad students, and on extremely limited budgets. We are trying to figure out how to plan a nice wedding without spending money we don’t have, which will be held in California because our families are there even though we are now living on the east coast. I want to have a pretty dress, but it’s stressing me out to think of one piece of clothing taking up such a huge part of our budget. It would mean a lot to get married in such a beautiful dress, and I would definitely pass it on later!

    Also, I should have that dress because my name is April too!

  • Julie W

    I LOVE this dress and would be so ecstatic to get married in it! I am 31 (almost 32) years old and recently became engaged to the love of my life, Steven. This is actually the second time that I have been engaged because my first fiancee basically left me at the altar. Since that time, I have been really ambivalent about marriage and relationships with men in general. Steven has been a source of great healing in my life. We don’t have much money to spend on a wedding, so a gorgeous dress such as this one would mean A LOT to me. It’s my dream to finally have the wonderful wedding of my dreams to go along with the wonderful husband of my dreams.

    I also LOVE the idea of a traveling dress. It would be really cool if everyone who wears it could write in a journal about their love story and wedding before they pass it on. If you pick me, I promise to buy a journal and start telling the story. . . .

    Thanks for your consideration.


    • Julie W

      Oh yeah, and I am pretty sure it will fit me. My measurements are almost exactly that. . will have to alter the bust a bit because I am not blessed with a “D” cup.