Dress, Offered VIII

Ahhhhh!!!! We are on a Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress roll these days. I love it. Today Melissa, who you’ll remember from her amazing Brewfest wedding, is giving away her dress. It’s size 16, which is pretty exciting, since there has been a clamoring for this size, and it’s L-O-V-E-L-Y. Melissa wore it with such grace and love and grins, that I can’t wait to see one of you ladies wearing it again. It has happiness soaked into the fabric already. As a reminder, all the normal rules apply: Melissa selects the recipient (with occasional lobbying from me… as hard as I try not to). The recipient pays for shipping, and promises to send Melissa a picture of them wearing it, full of joy. Hopefully the recipient will come back as a wedding graduate too, but that’s encouraged, not required. Here are the details.

I’m ready to pass my dress along to another deserving lady. And funny enough, I think my husband Ray is more excited about this than I am (and I’m pretty darn excited!).

The dress is a lovely champagne color (perfect for fair skin) and is a true-to-size 16, with measurements of 45 bust/37 waist/49 hip. I’m 5’7″ and wore a 1/2″ heel, with the skirt just brushing the floor. As for alterations, aside from the skirt coming up a smidge, the tailor also removed unnecessary boning in the bust. The only other things to note is that it needs a good cleaning and the black shrug doesn’t come with it.

This dress is an Eden Bridesmaid dress and it is sans train, petticoat or any of that other stuff I didn’t want to be bothered with (not that they aren’t lovely…they’re just not me). It is a workhorse of a dress that is just the right balance of elegance and no-muss/no-fuss. And ladies, this is a dress you can pee ALONE IN!

So there you go. If you’d like to be considered for the dress, leave a comment for Melissa saying why. And the rest of you? Bask in the love…

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  • I always love seeing these dress giveaways. APW brides are so generous! (I’m not entering, btw.) But I would love to know where your black shrug came from. It’s so lovely, and I’ve been looking for a shrug for my dress and can’t find anything I love.

    • Hey Katie,

      My shrug is from Torrid. I’ve purchased a couple of shrugs/boleros from Torrid and have been happy with them.

      Good luck!

  • caitlin

    peeing alone is a GREAT feature! :)

  • Kelly

    Oh my goodness!

    I opened up APW today and saw your photo and just melted over how beautiful it was. And then, and then!, I saw it was a dress giveaway. Too good to be true.

    Okay, so here it is. My name is Kelly, and I, too, am so very attached to peeing alone. Trains and petticoats are so beautiful on other brides, but the fella and I are planning on getting married in a state park pavilion this October in Georgia and we’re just not particularly fussy people.

    He’s in the Air Force; I’m a writer. He gets out and goes back to school this August. Most of our thoughts and plans have been directed at that move. So, as far as wedding planning goes? Well, we’ve decided we should have one. We have some catching up to do, I guess. I seriously have been itching to go dress shopping but don’t really enjoy squishing myself into samples not built for someone vaguely my size. It’s so encouraging, Melissa, to see someone look so elegant and beautiful without a heck of a lot of fuss. Your dress is beautiful, and the color is just amazing. Thank you for sharing it.

    And thanks, too, Meg for this. I love the community the swaps create and the priorities it encourages I love everything about this.

    (P.S. Melissa, can I buy you a beer sometime? Any woman, no matter the size, who posts measurements on the Internet deserves an award.)

  • suz

    I’m not in need of a dress but just had to stop in to say that this dress is just lovely! In the photos (I don’t know Melissa personally) it just seemed to fit Melissa perfectly and she really did seem so happy in it! I loved reading about this wedding!

  • Chelsea

    Can we all agree that the dress looks much better on Melissa than on the model on the website? Maybe it’s because, as Meg says, “it has happiness soaked into the fabric.”

    • You know. I thought the same thing. The model looked so frigid. But yes, Melissa brings such life and warmth to the dress. When I looked at Eden’s website, I couldn’t believe it was the same dress!

      • LeeAnne

        It’s so funny that you both say this because I almost thought it was a different dress, too. Mel is a lovely person, much lovelier than the model, so I am not surprised that there is joy and love saturated into her dress and photos compared with the website.

        I echo all the other comments about you–and your dress–being gorgeous. <3

  • Eat Broccoli

    I have to say something about the “this is a dress you can pee alone in” comment. I made cards for my soon to be “team eat_broccoli” what i am calling my bridesmaids. I found a cartoon of a bride with the statement, “they say I need someone to hold my dress when I pee” I put this on the cover and then on the inside I wrote “I can think of no one else i would want to help me pee*”

    the giant astrix indicates my actual desire to be able to pee independently on my wedding day.
    Your dress is beautiful, not my size but I appreciate peeing alone quality it has!

    • Oh, WOW, that sounds like a great cartoon!! Can you share a link?

  • Jennifer

    I love the dress giveaways! And so I feel bad about asking a sidetracking sort of question, but I am taking my dress for my first fitting with the seamstress tomorrow, so…

    On this needing-help-to-pee thing? I can see how a dress with a train would require this. Would that also be true once the train is bustled? Or is it more like any long dress at that point and you just have to be careful with all the fabric when you hike it up? On the flip side, does one need help peeing with any full-length dress with a full skirt? I was twice maid of honor for brides with trains, but I only remember helping my sister pee. Maybe my other friend did need help but someone else volunteered because I was too busy with my margarita?

    I initially hadn’t wanted a train, but found a lovely dress at the Brides Against Breast Cancer sale, and it has a train. Not too long a train, but it is a train. And first I was thinking I’d have it cut off, but my bridesmaid who went shopping with me was so sad about that that I promised I’d give it more thought. And part of the reason I didn’t want a train was because I thought at my age people would think I was trying to be all princess-y and stuff, which I have since realized isn’t, or shouldn’t, be an issue. I also realized that alterations would almost certainly be cheaper if I kept the train, because hemming just the front of the dress and putting a bustle in the back is apparently much less work than having to hem the entire dress.

    So, I was leaning towards keeping the train for financial reasons. But if I can’t pee by myself even after it’s bustled, but I would be able to pee by myself if I had the train chopped off…. that might be worth giving the seamstress a few extra bucks.

    • Kat

      I’m delurking for the first time :)

      Jennifer, my dress had a train (medium) and an underskirt (one layer, tulle at the bottom) and I could pee alone no problem! I just swept it all up and around me and carried on as usual. :p Granted I wasn’t too worried about the state of my dress by that stage (It had rained and I’d let it drag through the dirt, sand etc during photos) but it was easy.
      I think you’re dress would have to have a huge and train to not be able to pee alone (or maybe somewhere where the bathroom floor is really dirty!)

      Melissa, you look amazing. I think the dress giveaways are so heartwarming, I can’t wait to see who you pick.

      And cos it’s my first post, maybe I should introduce myself – I’m from New Zealand and have been reading throughout my wedding planning. I got married in January and the down to earth advice in here definitely helped keep me grounded (and sane!). Now I can’t stop reading because of all the intelligent discussion on here about marriages (and of course the fabulous dress give aways!). All you APW ladies are wonderful!

      • Jennifer

        Thanks, Kat! And Melissa, sorry for briefly co-opting the comments on your fabulous dress offering! Whatever I end up doing on my dress alterations, I hope I look as radiantly happy in it as you did in yours!

    • ddayporter

      just a quick additional voice for keeping the train – I had a train and I peed by myself! I did it before the wedding, so I definitely had concern for keeping it clean and tidy. BUT I had zero petticoat. honestly I would just practice when you’re at your fitting! haha. but seriously. if you have a moment alone in the dress, just see if you can gather it all up and crouch! if you can, keep the train. if you can’t, maybe consider either cooling your sense of modesty or ditching the train. but I think it’s less the train and more the petticoats? my sister needed us to hold her dress while she went to the bathroom, and it seemed to be the layers of petticoats more than anything else.

      • Jenn

        It is excellent to know that the dress is “alone peeing possible”! I am sure my bridesmaids will breathe a sigh of relief at that :)

    • Lauren H.

      I haven’t tried with mine yet (eleven days away!) But, I would think that this would depend more on the volume of the dress rather than the length. My dress is tea length, but will have almost as much crinoline under it as a ballgown, and so I’m not sure how I’ll manage it. If you have a short train and huge underskirt, you might need help with or without the train. But if your dress isn’t too puffed up with extras underneath, you can probably pee by yourself even with the train.

  • J

    I’m good on a dress but MELISSA! You ROCKED that dress – gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  • Jennifer

    As someone who was honored to attend Melissa & Ray’s wedding, I can vouch that the dress is freaking GORGEOUS in person, even more than these terrific pictures let on. And that’s saying something, because Mel looks utterly radiant in these pictures. The dress really is a perfect shade of champagne, one that would be lovely for most skin tones, and the ruching is devastatingly flattering. If I ever get married again (not likely, since we’re coming up on 14! Years! Woo! So change that to “if I ever have a vow renewal ceremony) I would go for Mel’s dress in a heartbeat.

    Also, I might’ve missed it mentioned here, but one of my favorite touches was Melissa took out the regular satin laces in the bodice and replaced them with black satin ribbons. It was a tiny change, but man, it made the dress that much more awesome.

  • Peeing alone is crucial. Melissa, my dear, you were radiant. I loved being back-to-back, beer-loving Wedding Graduates with you!

    Meg, can one loan a dress? If so, I would love to do so. Can’t part with it completely yet.

    • meg

      I donno… dress giving alone is difficult enough. It involves a lot of letting go. It doesn’t always work out exactly how you expect. So I worry that with loaned dresses, you have spilling, mud, alterations. Tricky business that. I tend to encourage people to hang on to them till they are ready to totally turn it over to the fates.

      I mean, I won’t be giving my dress, ever, so there is nothing wrong with that :)

  • If only I wasnt 5’11, I would so put myself in for this dress as it is stunning!
    Somehow I dont quite think there will be a spare 4 or more inches length hidden away in the hem…
    Plus, i guess I love the dress I am designing with my dressmaker, and I’m looking forward to that. Perhaps instead I’ll have to be the first “down under” dress, given person instead early next year… :)

    • Moz

      That would be brilliant – we haven’t had an Australian give away a dress yet!

  • Melissa, you look amazing. The fact that you had a beer-loving wedding and that to you a selling point about your dress is it’s a solo-pee-er says to me that you rock. I already have a dress, but I just wanted you to know that this post has me smiling! :)

  • (not entering, but) i just want to say that your dress is absolutely gorgeous (as are you)!

  • I love this. :)

  • Debbie

    I have been lurking on this awesome blog since we got engaged a couple of months ago, I love the vibe here.

    I would love to be considered for this beautiful dress.

    I am Debbie, 42 and living in Essex, England. I am single Mum to a gorgeous almost-19 year old boy. We’ve always been on our own and life was always challenging, financially and in other ways but also a lot of fun! I dated from time to time a little, but my heart wasn’t in it, and I had other priorities. I thought I would probably always be single, but then in 2009 I met my lovely man. We knew very soon where things were going, but then he lost his job and was unemployed for 16 months. It was really frustrating living on just my (small) wage, wanting to make plans but not being able to, but now he has now been working again for a few months so we were finally able to get engaged in April, and are planning our wedding for April next year.

    I work with deaf children and my fiance is a Quantity Surveyor and also doing his MA in medieval history. We are getting married in a local historical property, and are planning a simple ceremony we are going to write ourselves and have performed by a close friend, followed by much feasting and merriment!

    Finding a dress is the only part of wedding planning I have been dreading. I have been avoiding bridal shops altogether, being both older and bigger than the average clientele. I’ve done all my looking online and rarely see anything I would wear. I have been looking for understated and elegant, and this dress is so IT.

    Thank you so much Melissa for considering me, and Meg for making the Sisterhood of the Travelling Dress and all the other awesomeness here, possible.

    • Ash

      Done. Give this lady the dress! Please :)

  • I love these giveaways…how do i get in on one? As in: my sweet dress doesn’t deserve to just sit in my closet for the rest of its life…but i cant bear to pass her on to an total unknown and never hear from her again. I love the APW community. hit me up if you have room for one more player in musical wedding dress