Dress, Offered VIII

Ahhhhh!!!! We are on a Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress roll these days. I love it. Today Melissa, who you’ll remember from her amazing Brewfest wedding, is giving away her dress. It’s size 16, which is pretty exciting, since there has been a clamoring for this size, and it’s L-O-V-E-L-Y. Melissa wore it with such grace and love and grins, that I can’t wait to see one of you ladies wearing it again. It has happiness soaked into the fabric already. As a reminder, all the normal rules apply: Melissa selects the recipient (with occasional lobbying from me… as hard as I try not to). The recipient pays for shipping, and promises to send Melissa a picture of them wearing it, full of joy. Hopefully the recipient will come back as a wedding graduate too, but that’s encouraged, not required. Here are the details.

I’m ready to pass my dress along to another deserving lady. And funny enough, I think my husband Ray is more excited about this than I am (and I’m pretty darn excited!).

The dress is a lovely champagne color (perfect for fair skin) and is a true-to-size 16, with measurements of 45 bust/37 waist/49 hip. I’m 5’7″ and wore a 1/2″ heel, with the skirt just brushing the floor. As for alterations, aside from the skirt coming up a smidge, the tailor also removed unnecessary boning in the bust. The only other things to note is that it needs a good cleaning and the black shrug doesn’t come with it.

This dress is an Eden Bridesmaid dress and it is sans train, petticoat or any of that other stuff I didn’t want to be bothered with (not that they aren’t lovely…they’re just not me). It is a workhorse of a dress that is just the right balance of elegance and no-muss/no-fuss. And ladies, this is a dress you can pee ALONE IN!

So there you go. If you’d like to be considered for the dress, leave a comment for Melissa saying why. And the rest of you? Bask in the love…

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