Dress Shopping, The Lovely Edition

There haven’t been many updates of late about the Practical Wedding itself, but that’s just because when you are 16 months away from your wedding most news days are slow news days. And too much of us is tres boring, no? But, this weekend, I went wedding dress shopping with two of my girlfriends, and it was so much fun that I had to fill you in on the details.

We started with brunch at Brenda’s French Soul Food, which was indescribably tasty. Always fatten yourself up before dress shopping, I say. Next, we decided the easiest way to get where we were going was by cable car, so on we hopped. The cable car trundled it’s way up the hill, right past Grace Cathedral, where my parents got married 33 years ago. I got a little teary then, for the only time that day.

Our appointment was at a high end dress shop with a huge selection. It was filled with dresses I couldn’t/wouldn’t afford, but I was getting desperate. I hadn’t seen a single dress that I was even vaguely willing to consider, and without some real ideas, it seemed impossible to even think about getting a dress made, or visualizing it into existence, or whatever the game plan is.

I ended up with the worlds nicest helper. When I told her I didn’t care about prices since I was just getting ideas, not buying, she actually clapped and hopped up and down. Off she tore to the vault o’ bride, from whence she emerged with at least 10 dresses. I’ve heard a lot of brides say they went into the shopping experience with firm ideas, and came out with a different dress. But stubborn me? Nope. Everyone thought my idea of long and lace was a little dubious and possibly old fashioned, until I put one on. And then, happiness and joy! Long and lace was lovely! Of course it was $5K, so did not buy it, but at least I know what I like (though retro dress shopping approaches apace!)

Funniest moment of the day? Me standing in front of a mirror in a ginormous wedding dress with a long train, a cathedral length veil, and some fake flowers.

Girlfriend: (teary)
Me: Huh.
Girlfriend: Oh, if only David could see you now!
Me: I think he’d say that this was a little bit much.
Girlfriend: God, remind me not to marry someone that cynical. I need some romance.

Now a sneak peek of the dress that cost too much, with the train that I am to clumsy to have:

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