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Sometimes I think printable invitations are the best thing to happen to weddings since sliced cake. In fact, if given the chance to do it all over again, I’d forgo my labor-intensive homemade invites for a printable wedding invitation in a heartbeat (because that’s seventy-two Rubber Cement-filled hours of my life I’m never going to get back). As far as I’m concerned, invitation downloads are already about as easy as it gets (you download, you input your information, you print. Tada! Making pasta takes more brain power, and is way less pretty). But today I’m delighted to let you know that Eleanor of e.m. papers has managed to take the process of creating stylish, affordable wedding invitations and made it easier, more cost effective, and more accessible to APW readers worldwide. Plus! Read on to find out how you can get 20% off your order with e.m. papers (hint, it’s super easy) from now until December 24th. I mean, it just doesn’t get any more awesome than that.

First up, I just want to say that I had some serious misconceptions about printable invitations when I first heard about them. The first being that I assumed even the “super affordable” wedding invitation templates would have been out of our price range (everything else was). Well, that’s where e.m. papers leaves me gobsmacked. Because e.m. paper’s wedding invitation templates are only $39(!). Or, if you want to take care of all your wedding correspondence in one fell swoop, you can purchase a wedding correspondence set (like the one pictured above) for just $79. Eleanor also offers corresponding table numbers, seating charts, menu cards, programs—you name it—available a la carte, or you can go whole hog and get a complete set of wedding downloads (like the one pictured below) for $150. And as if that weren’t a good enough deal as is, e.m. papers is offering 20% off any orders placed between now and December 24th! Just use the code APW December and voila! Instant savings!

The second misconception I had about printable invitations was that they were going to lack the uh, refinement, of traditional wedding stationery (read: I assumed anything you printed at home had to be ugly). Well, clearly that’s not the case here. (Seriously, how awesome is that yellow invitation above? I kind of want to take out all the words and just frame it as an art print.) e.m. papers has mastered the art of modern minimalism, and I love that Eleanor embraces bold colors and strong lines in an industry overflowing with pastels and “vintage” embellishments. She says, “Good design goes a long way, but there is also no need to over-do it. I much more admire thoughtful creativity that yields stunning results on a shoestring, like using craft or colored paper with a smart black and white design, rather than the over-the-top butterfly-flies-out-of-a-box type stuff from the movie Bridesmaids.” Which I think pretty much sums up the APW readership’s design aesthetic right there.

And then finally I also had the misconception that printable invitations were somehow complicated. But the way Eleanor has set up e.m. papers, even your grandmother could print her own wedding invitations (for example, if you’re still confused about how the process works check out this awesome video Eleanor created on what to do after you purchase a download from e.m. papers). In fact, because the process is so easy, e.m. papers is an ideal solution for you procrastinators (okay fine, me included) who need invitations, like, yesterday. Because there’s zero wait time. Just download, add your text, and print.

Which brings me to what I really want to talk about today. Because e.m. papers is such a well-oiled machine (Eleanor blames it on being a “corporate escapee and a highly organized creative person”) they spent this summer fine-tuning certain parts of the e.m. papers business to make your lives even easier, particularly when it comes to placing custom orders or ordering internationally.

First, e.m. papers now has a shiny new customization page where Eleanor will make tweaks to your design as needed. So while the immediate downloads are sold as is, small customizations can now be made if, say, you need some extra space for names, or if you want to change the coloring on your invitation. And changes will get back to you in—get this—two days (or sooner). Which is basically the best of both worlds: customization and speed.

Another recent development is that e.m. papers now makes international ordering a snap. Which is especially great, because printable invitations themselves lend themselves particularly well to international weddings. (For example, if you’ve got guests who speak different languages, you can print out your design in one language, then go back to the PDF and change up the text for another language!) In other international developments Eleanor notes, “I’m an American expat living in Germany, and to that end, I’ve ‘gone native’ in order to serve my local market better by offering the site in German as well. Continuing in that vein, over the summer I created A4 versions of all wedding templates, so customers living outside of the US & Canada (UK, Australia, Ireland, etc.) can download without fear!” To which, I say, huzzah! It’s about time y’all got some sponsor love!

Which reminds me. Eleanor really does love you guys. Once upon a time she was a wedding graduate herself (whoa, can I hijack this post to tell you your hair looks amazing, Eleanor? Because, seriously), and so her core business is built around APW. Around you. She told me, “APW customers are sane, easy going, and fun to work with. I took a business course, and one of the tasks was to create a persona for my ideal customer, basically the person was an APW reader!”

Honestly, there is so much good stuff coming from e.m. papers right now that I could fill a book. (Did I even mention that she offers holiday cards and birth announcements and note cards and even printable wrapping paper? The “fleas navidad” design above slays me.) But I’ve already exhausted your attention. So I’m just going to recommend that you check out Eleanor’s work and save yourself about a gajillion dollars and hours of your precious time by purchasing one of e.m. paper’s downloads. And don’t forget, if you place your order before December 24th, you can use the code APW December to get 20% off your order. So what are you waiting for? This one is a no-brainer.

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  • Karen

    My partner and I bought the “joy love happiness” invitation design from e.m. papers. Then decided we wanted to use a postcard for the RSVP. She created it, no problem. Then we wanted to have the design in a poster format so people could sign it. Done! She even envisioned it in a better way than we started with. Eleanor does great work. Hire her!

  • “Fleas Navidad” I can’t stop laughing here…. Parasitology was one of my top 5 favorite subjects and Spanish is my mother tongue, so, love it. Love it .

  • Barbra

    We got our invitation from e.m. papers and I absolutely love it! It was super fast and easy, even with some customization needed. I got them printed through Vistaprint (my home printer sucks), and they are beautiful!

  • Thanks for the great write up and the sweet comments!

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