East Side Bride: What To Wear On Your Head When You Wed

When Meg first emailed to ask if I’d participate in an indie wedding headgear roundup, my response was “wheeeeeeeee!” and “I get to go a little bonkers?” Visions of insane tulle and enormous koosh ball flowers danced in my head. But only 6 foot + models can pull that sh*t off. And in the end photos of models leave me cold.

My very favorite headpieces turn out to be the ones the brides made themselves.

First up is Jen Gotch, rocking an early prototype for ban.do, which she made for her Vegas vow renewal.

Next, Jamie of a desert fete, who made her own big, messy flower (secret ingredient: tulle) when she decided the one she ordered online was too cutesy. See more details here.

And then there’s Genevieve. She made this headpiece out of leather. And feathers. Need I say more?

Last was me. But I made Meg take down the polaroid because H-town told me I had angered the wedding fairies. How could I argue with that?

I didn’t make my headpiece myself anyway. My badass stylist/photographer did. (I told you I was better at delegating than DIY’ing.) Anyhoo, it was made out of porcupine quills and dried leaves we found at a florist’s supply shop. Yes, I poked a few people, but no one was seriously injured. And it went so well with the earrings.

(Photo credits: Jen Gotch, Michelle Pullman, Chloe Richard, Jarkko Cain)

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  • porcupine quills – oh how i LOVE it. can i see some more pictures, maybe? sometime? please?!?!

    i am kinda in love with your other picks as well.

  • g/d

    You sure know how to keep ’em wanting more…fabulous hairpiece, awesome picture, handsome husband, DAMN ESB!

  • P

    Oh man, I love these girls and their headgear. East Side, you’ve been holding out on us! You’re a total fox!


    so selfish. your pics, or should i say pic, is beautiful!

    And love all the hair pretties.

  • Meg

    I donno… I’m with East Side. Leave them wanting more, it’s sexy.

  • These are fabulous. All of them. they inspire me to wear things on my pate more often (at least once every two days).

    Porcupine quills and hot smooches. Nice, ES. (And P’s right: F-O-X).

  • They are all fabulous, but the porcupine quills kill it .. .swoon.

  • Love it! For some reason the head wear is one of my favorite parts of a wedding outfit.
    Porcupine quills are pretty bad ass.

  • Boo-hoo. Why oh why didn’t I grab at this one chance to wear some outrageous (or cute or classy or edgy or prickly) head gear? Hrumph.

  • Anonymous

    Love the quills!
    Holly Slayton of Artikal NYC hosts bridal headpiece workshops at her studio in the East Village :) if anyone is in the area and interested.


  • The ever elusive east side has shown herself! What an exciting day in the bloggerverse :)

    These are all so badass, I can’t even begin to deal.

  • NICE! I love this.

  • @ Meg – ditto

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    Oh My God – a picture of East Side. how f*cking fabulous!

    Great finds, I love them. There’s something about a real bride that’s a hundred million times better than a model bride.

  • Perfect.

  • East Side! Well, helloooo!

    Great selection. All add that element of specialness, while feeling very wearable. Can’t wait to see what Peony comes up with!