A UK Biome Wedding

Wild and otherworldly

Ashleigh, Graduate Student in Archaeology & Peter, Manager in Adult Social Services

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: Amazing party with all of our friends that felt like it was in a biome on another world…

Soundtrack for reading: The most memorable song would be La musica notturna delle strade di Madrid No. 6, Op.30, composed by Luigi Boccherini, which was one of the songs that we walked in to, but we had every kind of music, from anime soundtracks, to jazz, to ’60s psych music.

Other Cool Stuff we should know about

The Eden Project event staff was really supportive and helpful. When we didn’t have any ideas for vendors, they recommended people that they worked with before and were very relaxed about all of our ideas. Also, the registrars from Cornwall were the absolute loveliest people! We hadn’t met them before the wedding, but they were really friendly and sweet and guided us through everything.

Favorite Thing about the wedding

The mega DANCE PARTY. Ash actually wore through the soles of her shoes. Good times.


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