An Elegant California Wedding

A gold dress, a strong beat, and a solid horn line

Nwamaka, Expertise in Economic Justice and Development in the NonProfit, social justice sector & Misha, Manager in the Design and Engineering department at a solar power company

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: A celebration of our cultures (Nigerian, Japanese, and Greek) and a joining of families and friends as one community to support us on our journey together.

Soundtrack for reading: “Water No Get Enemy” by Fela Kuti—We met on the dance floor, so a strong beat and solid horn line can always get us moving!

Other cool stuff we should know about

When I began looking for a wedding dress, all I could envision myself in was a gold lace dress. And luckily I found a beautiful dress with a silhouette to complement my figure. I used the leftover trim from my alterations to make a veil. Misha wore a beautiful, light gray, three-piece suit that complemented his dark features. Without having seen my dress, he was able to perfectly match his tie and handkerchief to it. Misha also designed his wedding band to incorporate in the obsidian stone we brought back from our trip to the Mayan village in the Mexico Yucatan Peninsula.

We insisted on staying true to ourselves throughout the entire planning process and on our actual wedding day. We wanted our guests to have fun by dancing to good music (DJ Yaddos), eating good food (Peko Peko), and getting to know one another. We feel so blessed to have had such an amazing celebration to start our life as a married couple.

Favorite Thing About the Wedding

We put a significant amount of thought and planning into our ceremony. From the way our mothers participated, to our dear friend who officiated the ceremony, the wedding blessing from our guests, and our heartfelt vows, our wedding ceremony was the most memorable part of our wedding. We cried through our entire exchange of vows.


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  • Caitlin_DD

    Absolutely stunning! Your jewelry, your dress, the location… everything!

  • SarahG

    This is beautiful. Also, that cake topper is everything. Want it! Congrats :)

  • StevenPortland

    Amazingly beautiful. Using the lace from your dress to make the veil was a great idea and made it look really special.

  • Killing me with the beautiful everything!

  • River

    You have such FIERCE style. The gold lace dress and matching veil! The swoonworthy up-do with gold chain! Those amazing emerald earrings!!! I am in LOVE.

    Also you two are lovely together, and there is so much joy in these photos :-)

  • ART

    yeah…jaw > floor. that dress, the jewelry, WOW! and in Berkeley!!!

  • LOVE that updo!

  • vegankitchendiaries


  • jashshea

    OMG to your dress.
    OMG to your veil.
    OMG to literally everything about your entire outfit.

  • Ally

    Holy crap!! That venue in the fog is magical.

  • Sara

    The photo of who I’m guessing is your mother and your husband’s father dancing is fantastic. Looks like your wedding was so much fun. And the one of you wiping your husband’s tears – priceless.
    I love love love your dress/veil/hair/ensemble.

  • Kelly

    Gah! Everything. Just…wow.

  • enfp

    You had me at the soundtrack, Water No Get Enemy is such a killer song, but all of this amazing and gorgeous! Your photos are dreamy, you guys are babes with style for miles, and the emotion present throughout is beautiful. Congratulations!

  • Oh, I loveee California fog! This is beautiful, love the details, the emerald jewelry, the gold dress..gorgeous all the way around :)

  • Daniella

    The photo of you wiping his tears – ahhh makes me melt!

  • clairekfromtheuk

    I effing LOVE this wedding

  • Lian

    I love that you imagined a gold lace dress… and actually managed to find a perfect incarnation of it. The entire day looks wonderful!

  • Caroline

    The gold lace dress is amazing, but your veil really is unbeleivably stunning!!! I can’t get over it, so lovely!

  • Alyssa M

    Wow, this is ALL so beautiful! The dress, the jewelry, the happy smiling dancing guests, that venue!

  • Claire


  • Beautiful! Absolutely amazing colours. Hope it was as wonderful for you as it is for me even just to look at!

  • B

    Seriously. Water No Get Enemy as soundtrack? I was done before I even saw the first picture of magical fog. Absolutely GORGEOUS celebration of love and culture. Reminds me that you can in corporate all your different styles and backgrounds into one beautiful, loving wedding!

  • Riot

    While the details are fantastic (I also love gold dresses, AND emerald-coloured stones AND yellow stones – are we sisters?) what really shines through in these pics is your love for and joy in each other, and the way it was very much a family celebration. There are so many weddings I’ve seen on blogs where you can’t even tell the bridal couple have parents – it’s 500 photos of the two of them in a field. I hope I can have a meaningful celebration like you one day.