Elopement Announcements And New Invitation Designs From Up Up Creative, Plus A Contest!

When Michael and I ran off to the courthouse to elope in 2008, the only option we had for informing our families (after my aunt tipsily informed me that I really should inform the family) was to, you know, tell them. The reality is, a few years ago elopements just weren’t cool. Which is why I’m so happy that the wedding industry has come around and begun to recognize elopements as weddings in their own right (because they are awesome). And today I’m extra excited to introduce the next step in that progression: elopement announcements from longtime APW sponsor Up Up Creative!

The trouble with something getting picked up by the wedding industry is that usually the powers-that-be turn it into something gross instead of something awesome (staged elopements, anyone?). Which is why I love what Julie of Up Up Creative had to say about her motivation to add this line of stationery to her already awesome portfolio of quirky, bold, kind-of-minimal designs.

She told me:

I started designing elopement announcements when I was approached by an awesome couple that had recently eloped. They had photos from the tiny, private event and they wanted me to design something that would help them announce and in some small way include their friends and family in what had been a very special day for them.

Since then, I’ve become kind of the Google it-girl for elopement announcements (mine tend to come up first in Google image searches), and so over the years I’ve developed a growing collection of elopement-specific designs. The emphasis in these designs is on sharing joy and celebrating the couple, sometimes explaining a tiny bit, but never apologizing. The way I see it, the announcements in great part set the tone for how the elopement is going to be perceived by friends and family. They should evoke excitement and happiness!

And that’s exactly what an elopement announcement should be about: sharing your joy with the people you love (not just for weddings anymore!). Now, the best part of this new collection is that it comes from our friends over at Up Up Creative. Which means that all of the designs you see here are available in printed format, or in printable format. Meaning that they are fully customizable, so you can change the language, update the message, and generally make it say whatever you want it to say.

And because APW is committed to bringing you guys affordable, talented designers who won’t make you choose between food and good design, these designs start at the crazy affordable price of $50 for a downloadable file, which you can then take to be printed anywhere. (Want to download the PDF and take it to get printed at Staples? Done. Want to print at home? Easy peasy, and it looks way better than I would have expected). Or you can also have Up Up Creative coordinate printing for you, starting at $1.60/each per printed item (for invitations).

Julie even allows for any of her wedding invitations to be adapted into elopement announcements for no charge. (Which makes me arm-flailingly happy, because have you looked at the invitation above? There’s no way I don’t need that for something. Is it bad form to send elopement announcements five years after the fact? No? Great, you’ll all be getting one in the mail this week. Huzzah!) Julie also does custom designs if you’re looking for something really unique to announce your elopement or to invite your wedding guests.

And now for some fun! Julie wants you guys in on the process. She explained:

On the original announcement design, we used a little elopement poem, and now I find couples are often as excited about the meter and rhyme as they are about the typefaces and colors. I suppose there is something about a catchy little poem that says, “How can you possibly be mad that we eloped?” I’ve written a lot of these little elopement poems over the years, but I thought it would be fun to open it up to everybody. So I’m having a little contest ending May 10th: Submit a 2- to 6-line poem, in any meter or rhyme scheme, suitable for announcing an elopement. For examples, see here.

Submit via email to julie (at) upupcreative (dot) com (subject line “Elopement Poem”) before 11:59pm EST on May 10th. The winner (as chosen by me) will receive a $100 credit at upupcreative.com (which can be spent on anything you can put in your cart—wedding, elopement, or otherwise). Any and all poems will be considered for inclusion on an upcoming Up Up Creative elopement announcement. If your poem is chosen for inclusion, you will be credited on our website as the poet (unless you specify that you would like to remain anonymous).

By submitting you agree that your poem may be published on our website or used in an actual elopement announcement. You also certify that the poem you’ve submitted is in fact yours (i.e. you wrote it).

The winner will be chosen based on meter, rhyme, content, originality, and appropriateness for an elopement announcement. Winners will be announced in mid-May on our website (and via an email sent to all who submit).

This week has been an exciting week for elopements on APW. (I’ll give a serious high five to the first person who books a rolling elopement and then announces it with a design from Up Up Creative. Side note: do you think Julie would be up for designing an airstream elopement announcement just for APW? I mean, a girl can hope, right?) I could not be happier that elopements are finally getting their due. And I can’t wait to see what kind of funny, smart, probably a little tongue-in-cheek designs you guys come up with for Up Up Creative to mark that achievement. Now get rhyming y’all.

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  • I’d be up for designing ANYTHING special for APW. Airstream elopement announcement included. You know how to get in touch with me.

  • My poem would probably end with something like “so get over it.”

  • Laura

    So fun! I just submitted a poem :)

  • Samantha

    I just wanted to throw it out there on this post that I had Julie print my wedding invitations through Aper + Pink, her printing press, and they came out FABULOUSLY! And they arrived so quickly! Thanks Julie for making my designs a reality!

    • VivaLuisa

      Same here! I just got mine and they are beautiful! Julie and aper + pink totally rock!

  • WOW. I am totally LOVING the themes of elopements this week on APW! These are absolutely adorable and so timely–I can’t believe how many people are excited about the Airstream Elopements and these awesome cards by Julie are the perfect way to spread the word—I am totally going to put a link to her site on the Airstream Elopement page! Hurrah!

  • These are fantastic! When we eloped I found myself spending a lot of time on wedding invite websites trying to reword their “standard fields” into something that would work as an elopement announcement. I finally gave us and just let the news spread on its own.

    I’m going to be thinking in poem now…

  • ferrous

    I’m tired of trying to retcon regular invites into some sort of elopement announcement. This post is very exciting and timely! Our elopement is a few months off yet, but it’s coming [Jaws theme].

  • Sian

    I’m going to have to google what a staged elopement is!

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