The End, And The Begining

Everyone tells you that your wedding day goes by so fast, but ours stretched out for eternity, with each luminous minute shimmering in our hands before it fell. And finally, we realized it was almost over. I dashed around the room, giving every person the biggest, most tearful hugs of my life.

Then everyone circled us singing, “I think of you every morning, I dream of you every night, darling I’m never lonely whenever you are in sight, I love you for sentimental reasons, because I’ve given you my heart.” And as tears rolled down my cheeks, Amanda winked at me, and I felt like every single of you was in the room with us at once.

And then David and I drove away, through the gold gold hills of home, just the two of us, the gift of the wedding resting freshly on our hearts.

Photo of us, *exactly* two months ago today (happy mini-versery husband) by One Love Photo

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