Etsy Weddings is Here!!!

If you follow me on Twitter and Facebook, you know that I’ve been writing about wedding planning for Etsy for the last few months. What you might not know is that I ADORE writing for Etsy. It’s flat-out the best. The Editor-In-Chief of the Etsy blog is Alison of TeenAngster, who’s in the middle of planning her wedding, and she and I are just eye-to-eye on wedding stuff all the time. Sample conversation:

Meg: Is this post too angry?
Allison: Eh, wedding planning is war. Fun war, but WAR.

Bingo. I love them. Which brings me to the big news! Etsy has launched a whole new section of the site, Etsy Weddings. It includes easy ways to shop for wedding stuff (and you know that every-other post on APW we’re like, “You should totally shop Etsy” and now it’s easier). Plus… drumroll please… they have finally (finally, finally, finally) launched at Etsy Wedding Registry. Some of us have been waiting for this for a billion-y years, and now y’all can use it, lucky ducks.

But of course what I really think you should check out is all the writing on Etsy Wedding. Particularly, um, my writing. Here are my brand new (and some slightly older) articles. It’s like picking my brain on wedding planning stuff!

The Guest List With Fewer Tears
Hack Your Wedding
The Registry
The Stuff

And you can check out the full Etsy Wedding Blog here. Hurrah for like-minded people doing something complementary and awesome. Let’s keep changing the world ladies… one wedding at a time.

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  • oh no… there goes another hour (or 5) of each day browsing the internet.

  • I sell vintage on Etsy, but not wedding-related things – so this question comes directly from my curiousity. What do you think about the controversy this has created in the Etsy seller community? It only shows a very select few sellers that are curated (and sometimes items that have nothing to do with the category, which puzzles me personally) so if someone were looking for a birdcage veil, they’d see only 50 options instead of the 100+ options they’d find by searching regularly.

    Again, it doesn’t affect me personally, but I think it stinks for Etsy customers because unless you’re familiar with the site and the change, you would think you had fewer options than you actually do. So I’m curious what you, and other readers, think!

    • KTH

      Stephanie — when you say that the sellers are curated, do you mean that Etsy only pulls from certain sellers? Or do you mean that they only pull some items (from any sellers)? Like, the entire collection is curated, or just the sellers are curated?

      Interesting question. Do you know if there are ways for sellers to mark their stuff as “wedding” in order to be found in a search?

      Is there any animosity in the selling community regarding who gets features on the front page?

      I can see why Etsy would curate — part of the idea here is to pare down to make it easier to find stuff. But that is a valid point and I can also see why sellers would be frustrated.

      • I have only read through a few of the forum discussions, but only a few sellers are represented, and some of them with multiple items.

        There are definitely ways for sellers to mark their things as wedding/bridal (tags for searching), but currently that has no effect on what shows on Etsy’s “wedding” section – only if someone were to type in what they were looking for at the top box.

        This is the main thread about it: that continues to grow.

        There are similar moans about Front Page features, but that is user generated and Etsy chosen – so less of an issue. For the wedding section, people are seeing their views drop dramatically. I’d be frustrated if something was done similarly for what I sell since I am paying the listing fees like anyone else.

        • As an Etsy wedding vendor, let me say that the search criteria I see in my stats shows me that folks are using deeper keyword criteria to search for wedding-related items. Very often my clients are searching color, image or style — for this they use very specific key words. I don’t think the serious searcher is stopping at the “curated” or first-stop pages when they search Etsy. My two cents.

    • meg

      Hey Guys,
      This is a conversation that really needs to be had on the Etsy boards, within the community and with the staff that has something to do with it, so I’m going to shut it down here. I wouldn’t want someone complaining about the way APW worked on some other site, with people who didn’t know the details, and couldn’t make changes, so I’m not going to do that to another team working hard to set up a huge and brand new program.

      I work with the blogging team, and I write for the blog, I have nothing to do with (and zero contact with) the selling team. I will say every single person I’ve worked with at Etsy is hard working and doing everything they can to do right by people, from the General Counsel to the editors, and we’ll leave it there.


  • LM

    Thank you Etsy! Finally. Yay.

  • KTH

    An Etsy registry is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Is it hooked up to sites like

    A great way to further personalize your registry. As a frequent wedding guest (especially this year) registries make life easier.

  • Class of 1980

    My love affair with Etsy has been going for years. ;)

  • Oh Dear, Dear Meg! As an Etsy Wedding Seller, I am DElighted to see your writing there! Keep it up and The Sanity will prevail! Also, an Etsy Wedding Registry?? About f**king time.

  • Leah

    I’m so thrilled for this, on all levels! I was a little confused on how they decide what gets listed in the “weddings” section, since it seemed a much smaller list than what you can find by searching the whole site. But still, yay!

    I’m really excited that the registry feature is up and running – just in time for us to start ours! Im a little confused on how it will work if something we registered for sells to someone else (not bought for us) but I guess we will find out!

    • meg

      It’s brand brand new, so I suspect it’s a big of a work in progressing. Rolling out programs like this is hard, fully populating them just takes some time :)

    • Class of 1980

      I’m wondering if the photos on any given day are random or changeable maybe?

      • suzanna

        I’m so relieved that they’ve narrowed it down, actually! Every time I’ve searched for wedding stuff on Etsy, I’ve been overwhelmed by all the stuff (really? a crocheted coaster is “wedding”?).

  • Lauren

    I have been waiting for this moment!!!! This is way too exciting.

  • Ooooooh, fun. It’s nice to see some of the cutest/loveliest/most unique and sparkling things I know (i.e. Etsy and Meg) get together! Let the games begin!

  • Brefiks

    Why, back when I got engaged they didn’t even have Pinterest. Now Etsy Weddings? You kids today have it so easy : )

    • meg

      I AM SO GLAD they did not have pinterest when I got married. That would have stressed me out and wasted so much time. Etsy wedding registry though, now that I’m envious of.

  • Rachel T.

    I hope they have a baby shower registry soon. I love all the Waldorf dolls, wooden toys, and children’s illustrations they have. It’s my favorite place to shop for friends’ showers!! And I’m excited about the small business owner/artist having a larger chance in the registry market! There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like you can only register at big box places!

    • meg

      I’m pretty sure you can register for anything with the registry. It’s not like it’s going to stop you from putting baby stuff on it!

  • efletch

    I found APW through Etsy. I was pretty close to losing my mind at that point just two months into planning. I clicked on one of your posts and bam it opened my mind to a whole new way of thinking about and planning my wedding. Honestly it saved my sanity and probably my relationship. If I could hug Etsy I would, and I am over the moon happy about the registry option. It rocks!

  • I was lucky enough to go to their wedding event, To Have and To Hold, that took place on the same day as the launch of Etsy Weddings. The event was beautifully styled and it was really a treat to see the items from the vendors in person after studying them on Etsy for so long. I love Etsy and I love what they have done for the small businesses and craftspeople. Whatever my dude and I don’t make for the wedding we are definitely sourcing from Etsy.

  • Paula

    Totally a new fan of Etsy. I’ve had a very specific image of a dress in my head for months and couldn’t find anything like it. After 20 minutes of browsing through the site it appeared almost exactly as imagined in my exact size. Thanks APW for pointing me in the right direction.

  • Teagan

    I love Etsy. A lot of my wedding items are bought off of Etsy, I find the sellers so easy to work with and I love being able to support small businesses. The fact that APW and Etsy are now linked makes me so happy!