How To: Non-Floral Centerpiece For Fall

With hot pink pumpkins!

Today, I’m super excited to introduce our new How-To Series of Non-Floral Wedding Centerpieces, with design by the ever-awesome Michelle Edgemont (who we flew out from Brooklyn just to play with us). We started this series because who among us hasn’t realized what floral centerpieces cost, and then manically rushed to Google non-floral centerpieces… only to be simultaneously underwhelmed and overwhelmed at once. There are the floating candles with a living fish options (if you do this PLEASE READ UP ON HOW TO KEEP THE FISH ALIVE—drinking over a dead fish is grossness I’d like to not repeat). And then there are the OMG-WHUT options? Like, yeah, sure, that’s non-floral. And it also appears to have been built by a team of carpenters and stylists, and are you unclear that I’m Googling this because I’m out of cash? Right. So, today, we’re bringing you an affordable (and damn chic) alternative for fall non-floral centerpieces. Also. You guys? If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, you’re welcome. You can show your mom how the new generation does it.


  • Mini-pumpkins. (ten-ish per long table)
  • Medium sized pumpkins—we used decorative craft store pumpkins, but if you don’t stumble on some, regular pumpkins will work just fine. (three-ish per long table)
  • Spray Paint—two to three colors, plus a metallic or two. Bronze looks really good here.
  • Optional: Leaves—fake or real, we used fake.

How To: Non-Floral Centerpiece For Fall | A Practical Wedding (6)The beauty of this project is that it’s as simple as it is affordable. Collect your pumpkins. Figure out your color scheme (we went for rosy and metallic). Spray paint said pumpkins. For a little extra jazz, spray paint leaves (fake or real) in a pretty metallic as well. Arrange.

For bonus points, you can prep this project weeks in advance, because this stuff lasts. These pumpkins have been decorating the front of my house for about a month now. I keep checking to see if I need to throw them out, but not yet. I’m convinced, however, that the fact that these suckers look so good is the reason the house got burglarized. I put them out, and bam: ROBBED. Why? I’m pretty sure they make me look like I have my shit together way more than I do. I hope they do the same for you, without the robbery.

That is, for real, it. And it is mother effing magic.


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