So Your Family Is Making You Crazy? Discuss.

Why must there always be tears?

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People act like wedding planning is complicated solely because of budgets and to-do lists. And, you know, it is sometimes. But at the end of the day, anything you can solve with a printable wedding checklist is probably not the very worst.

In real life, the hardest parts of wedding planning are often the family stuff. Or as one of my friends said to me in the middle of wedding planning, “There is a reason your family doesn’t come on the honeymoon.” And, word.

But part of what makes family issues an extra-complicated part of wedding planning is that it’s easy to feel like you’re the only one. You’re struggling with a mom who’s disengaged from the whole process… but everyone else’s mom is the model of helpfulness. You have three sets of parents who don’t get along… but everyone else has a perfect, easy parental unit. Your sister-in-law is being sort of racist… and holy SHIT that’s embarrassing to say out loud.

Except, you’re not alone. Family drama has got to be one of the most common (and least discussed) headaches in wedding planning. Because with all that fodder to fight about: faith, money, what color your bridesmaid dresses should be… well. There probably will be tears. And if your family has some serious tensions on a good day, there will be even more tears.

So today, let’s make a safe space (and go anon if you need to). What family drama is really dragging you down? What would you like to feel a little less alone on? What advice do you need?

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