Feisty Flowers

I am healing so so slowly over here, so I decided to pass you small bits of inspiration I’ve been hording away for myself. First off, you’ve been reading 100 Layer Cake, right? It’s the new wedding blog started by a group of graphic designers in Los Angeles, and it’s the blog-girl-gang-lowkey-fabby version of wedding planning that’s going to take Martha Stewart by storm. Anyway, they wrote a post about floral designer Dandelion Ranch that will kill you with it’s inspiration and right-thinkingness. The above trough o’ flowers inspired me to order a few of my own flower troughs in my big vase order this week (more on that soon).
And then there are these babies. One word for you: blackberries. One of my slightly unhealthy bridal ticks (we all have them) involves wanting to incorporate local in season foliage in our wedding. We’re getting married in the Bay Area in the summer, which happens to be one of my favorite places in the world during one of my favorite seasons. Somehow the stars aligned in my life for me to be married there, then. I’m grateful. As a result, I really want the wedding to smell like the season. I want blackberries, I want jasmine, I want fresh mint. And I want them all in one little bouquet. I’m not sure how I’m doing that yet, but this picture helped remind me of what was important to me. Also, friends have pointed out I should possible go with fake blackberries, since I’m clumsy and blackberries are smooshy. Point.

Photos: First: 100 Layer Cake, Second: Anna Kuperberg via Snippet & Ink, flowers by Birch

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  • Second fake blackberries, which are smooshy even if you are not clumsy, but a particularly delightful child next to you is.

    This I know.

  • a vote for real berries! smooshing would be tricky, for sure, but you could always use some that are just a bit underripe and thus firmer (they’d still be a lovely shade of purple). or sneak a few into table arrangements? we did, and loved ’em.

  • I agree with lauren… if you have your heart set on real ones, use blackberries that are slightly underripe. We had them in our centerpieces (and green blueberries in the bouquets) and they added great texture. It can be done!

  • Meg

    So the $100 question is: where do you source blackberries still on the vine, if you are not a florist and don’t have your own bush?

  • i’d sniff around for local CSAs (try here) and ask at a few east bay greenmarkets (or community gardens); i bet one of those could put you in touch with a local grower who would set some aside for you. or hit local gardening groups and turn on some industrial-grade bride-to-be charm. totally doable!

  • real berries. in the center of arrangements … blackberry smush and white dresses don’t exactly go hand in hand, but worth the risk i think.

  • go with semi-ripe blackberries! They’re still pretty, you’ll still get the summery bay area vibe you NEED, but they are not smooshy at all.

    no idea where to find them tho… except maybe a neighbor’s yard?

    Thanks so much for the mention too!

  • Smooshy and stainy. Fakes are a very good idea, indeed.

  • Ha! I used that vase from the first picture for my wedding flowers.

  • Usually not my style, but I really love those flowers. Blackberries can stain. Bad. Fake is my vote – who will be looking so closely to tell? I wouldn’t be.

  • I don’t know your wedding colors (I’m new to the Practical Team), but this is a beautiful bouquet with unripened blackberries in pink and green that would should be fine walking down the aisle with your dress: http://www.whitelacewedding.com/50226711/blackberry_bouquets.php

  • Meg

    Thank You Michelle. We’re all about no wedding colors here.

  • Meg, I could never have blackberries in my bouquet … not only am I a tad clumsy, but I LOVE blackberries and I would probably start snacking on them before the ceremony. I’d walk down the aisle with a half-eaten bouquet!

  • Real berries. Smooshing would be tricky, but still, when you get hungry you could just eat your bouquet, no? How’s that for practicality?

    I think the real ones are prettier and smellier. And if you want the scents of the Bay Area to be alive, then they’ll just have to do!

  • Agree with real berries, maybe you could concentrate them on the side of the bouquet you’ll be holding away from your body.

    And 100 Layer Cake – there is some seriously beautiful graphic design there! Why don’t we have anything like this for the UK?

  • IamMax

    Thanks i love it.